48 Hours of Los Angeles: Fiat 500 Crashed into my Volvo XC60

The other day I had this most unique opportunity to visit the well-nominated Hollywood Walk of Fame Location of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, at its center at Hollywood and Vine, within Central Los Angeles.

1st March 2021 - The other day I had this most unique opportunity to visit the well-nominated Hollywood Walk of Fame Location of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, at its center at Hollywood and Vine, within Central Los Angeles.

It has definitely has been something on my life-bucket-list to walk on those stars, just to see who has come this long way to commit to be a star and celebrity.

I may have come a long way, a 17 hours flight between Abu Dhabi and Los Angeles, but never came this far like Gary Moore, Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, etc.

Albert Einstein once said:

+ we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking

+ only the beliefs, mindset is not good enough for taking us to the very next top tier level

+ if you want to be better and take us to the next level of our lives

+ and it is us that must be better, we will have to make better choices that will let us become the better version of ourselves

So I parked my car just steps away from Hollywood Boulevard / and Vine St. Hollywood.:

+ with those thoughts to be

+ better, thinking of being better

+ realizing that in life we may come far, but not far enough

+ the clouds lifted up and the sun was shining, one of the very best things of life

+ how we get moving and achieve our dreams, is to simply show up and step, step and keep stepping forward.

+ with such thoughts I drove up to the Hollywood Freeway, the 101, lanes merged, and a Honda CRV pulled into the front lane, right in front of an Exit,

+ the VOLVO XC60 T6 that I was sitting in had all possible latest tech, such as cruise, distance, lane control and the car automatically stopped within a fraction of a second.

+ unfortunately the car behind did not necessarily focused on the traffic and crashed into the bottom of my car.

+ at the very beginning it did not necessarily realize that I was the victim of an accident, when the accident occurred, I was under the impression that another car could have possibly hit another.

All I heard was a crash - and this particular Volvo XC60 is - apparently - so extremely solid and strong, that I did not realize that I was involved at all.

+ while I was about to roll on the ongoing traffic, I suddenly realized that the is a strange exhaust pipe sound coming from the rear.

+ while looking into the rear mirror, I saw a Fiat 500, with a bit of steam and a small pond of petrol all around, the airbags have come out and luckily the driver approached my car, apologizing that she was on the phone while being on the way to her boyfriend.

+ which was great, she was definitely alive and not hurt at all.

+ well, in life, I learned that I will have to always keep going and that the storm usually ends, same as day and night.

+ or let's say it is winter and summer, it comes and goes / over and over again.

Why are we are all upgrading our technology but not ourselves?

+ some may not agree on my driving ranges that would adopt into my skills, and transform and drive like one of them.

+ most of us are getting the latest tech when it comes to mobile phones and other gadgets, how so: that we are not upgrading ourselves?

+ those Volvo SUVs definitely came with the latest tech as well, which was definitely not avoiding any unpleasant events at all, the very best car could possibly not be driving safely if the pilot is not in the know where he is going, or familiar with the environment and his equipment.

+ it is not okay to just stand still and I did have come all that far to Los Angeles, although the first car / second car has been hit (twice),

+ I still committed to keep moving and got two car replacements, seeking for self-development and getting used to the Los Angeles traffic and driving behavior or their citizens.

+ I decided to get back "up there" the only difference was the color of the car: "Pearl-White" instead of Sky-Blue, the path remained all the same.

+ the very same day, I stepped out of bed, fed myself and my mind, not knowing what is about to happen, same as in life: sometimes life / this wonderful journey / could not surprise us, but hit is very hard.

+ now knowing what to expect today, life must still go on, targets of life, main aims and strategies will have to stay on track.

Universal Studios Visit Done - What's Next?

+ There was this "red-eye" drive -on the I5- San Francisco, where unexpected road closures, constructions have been ahead.

+ as I was saying that I may have to get going the very next day, and standing on a stand still at 0 kph.

+ out of a sudden my car was hit -again- but this time by a Uhaul Truck, with extremely tiny tires, carrying a Chevrolet Trailblazer.

+ an Afro-American man jumped out of "his ride", smelling like having consumed weed for dinner,

+ telling me that my car would have already been damaged before we have had an encounter, demonstrating that "I gotta go man" would be the very best option to just do a "hit and run" .

+ he did not the Math while driving off in closed lanes, getting back onto the main track with a short cut, to calculate that passengers vehicles can go 75kph on the I5 and towing vehicles just down to 55kph, so guess who managed to take photos of such crime.

You don't have to run:
+ a real man and winner shows up

+ a man that runs away must have been depressed and live in a valley of darkness

+ this depression will probably pass, what he may wss not aware is that all of us have to make it through.

+ knowing how to share and face issues is the very first step, is the only way to resolve the time in the valley of darkness, and believe me, most of us are not afraid of the darkness but the light.

Although life's not always rosy:

+ but life is something unique and our lives are worth more than diamonds

+ no matter what you're going through, have faith, on other side of your pain, is sometimes superb.

+ stand up and dig in, keep going, even two minor car accidents or challenges will elevate you, such trials will make you stronger and it will make you strong.

+ I was lucky and life is worth living, I could have punched that clock (twice) and all I would have left behind is a car, I did not only drive a car, I drove solid Volvo SUVs, which has definitely been an extremely valuable option to protect our body and health.

There is one thing would make an extraordinary difference:

+ that is not only to exercise, that leads to a change in your physiology,

+ not to mention that our life depends on it,

+ but to always watch out of others and what they're up to

+ you can be the very best driver and know yourself for the better,

+ but if others are reckless, depressed drivers, this demonstrates that your life is pretty much depending on others and their valley of darkness.

+ not only being physically fit, to also create routine during your drive, to exercise, will not only change your body and physical mind, it will get you out of your physical environment, it creates momentum and sense of being attracted to take attention into detail.

Experience, coming out on the other end through a storm:

+ a storm, an event, being aware of what is happening all around you, you will realize that you will be eager to see opportunities as they present themselves.

+ driving, walking, thinking, being aware of what is happening, instead of falling into down depression, identify of what is really "going on" around you.

+ will let you life in a different and more productive way, producing new energies and to start upgrading yourself

+ my new upgrade, is to adapt the Los Angeles driving behavior,

+ and since I experienced that I did not realize I have not only seen the stars of the Hollywood Boulevard, but also those at the universe,

+ this little pain has made me make good use such as an instrument of personal growth and development.

+ most definitely it is not only about a car accident, also more about life in particular, even we have learned a lot from the Covid 19 pandemic and other historical events in the history of human nation.

+ trying something new always leaves for fun, failing a test or exam is most likely to be compared to a car accident, or maybe two within less than 24 hours,

+ we all have bad days, dark days, days where nothing seems to be going your way, where you feel that the world is against you, such as the Los Angeles traffic and reckless driving behavior

+ days where fears and worries are suddenly coming into your head

+ however, damaging two cars, is the least to worry about, our life is worth more than diamonds and diamonds are being produced in of the world's roughest conditions.

+ certainly, while those two accidents occured, I did certainly ask myself "why me" , diamonds are being formed under the toughest, most intense and most dangerous places ever,

+ with definitely unimaginable pressure and pain, life always comes with problems and not actually only privileges.

Conclusion of picking a car for American roads:

+ although tough times make us stronger

+ while being grateful for such Volvo experience

+ I have to say that Volvo always keeps going on to build the world's most strongest cars

+ however, in my opinion, all those safety features, being built for European roads, are definitely not suitable for the US

+ so I decided, in the end, to go for a Cadillac XT5 instead, without any features, just and only a large engine, AC, big horsepower, leather seats and a Bose sound system.

+ when the time comes and a situation on the traffic, what would could you possibly do than to remind yourself of your greatness and not to rely on board computers only, but on your skills and greatness to watch not only out of yourself, but also others

+ certainly it is not easy to go through so many challenges and circumstances,

+ but this could be the last day of our lives, it is not easy that we could have lost our lives anytime and punch that clock

+ well, but that's life, we cannot blame life, it is not life that makes those challenges, it is more likely the purpose.

+ does a purpose ever lie? Hold on strong and believe in every possibility that you have

+ life is always going to be good, just keep in mind that sooner or later we will be leaving this life, so make your existence matter, no matter how and when or unexpected we would leave or have left this planet.

+ be more rough and tough than the strongest and roughest diamond.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Kind regards from the very city centre of Shanghai, The Peoples Republic of China,


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