A New Look With Framed Glass Fencing

Glass fencing is not only suitable for swimming pools but also ideal to enclose a balcony or verandah so that you can safely enjoy the views.

- Traditional methods of fencing provided the safety and security but hindered clear views. In the modern homes today, glass fencing is the first option where a barrier is required but with unobstructed views. As such, glass fencing is perfect for a swimming pool because it disappears into the background, yet you are complying with the regulations by having a safety barrier around it. Glass fencing is not only suitable for swimming pools but also ideal to enclose a balcony or verandah so that you can safely enjoy the views.

Glass used for fencing is toughened glass that ranges from 6mm to 15mm in thickness. The glass panels as you can imagine are quite thick and there is no fear of it shattering upon a slight impact. Even if it does, there won't be sharp edges to cause injuries. There are three varieties of glass fencing as described below:

Framed Glass Fencing: In this type of glass fencing, the glass panel is anchored to steel or aluminium vertical posts. A top and bottom handrail completes the frame. The metal frame structure gives the glass proper support making it strong and safe. From the safety point of view, framed glass fencing comes right at the top. Folks looking for uninterrupted views may not favour framed glass fencing as it creates an obstruction to the view.

Semi-Frameless Glass Fencing: This type of glass fence is partly framed, that is, the glass panel is supported by steel or aluminium posts. There is no top or bottom handrail but the edges are chamfered and polished to make them smooth and safe for use. Semi frameless glass fencing systems are quite safe and many Australian home owners prefer these for their swimming pools.

Frameless Glass Fencing: This kind of glass fencing is mounted on channels in the floor or supported with the help of steel spigots. Without any kind of frame, frameless glass fencing offers a classy look to your pool area. It is truly an 'invisible fence' that gives a sense of openness while also providing the required safety features.

Frameless Glass Fencing forms a part of balcony balustrade systems. It is also suitable for stairways and verandahs giving your home a modern, classy look. Framed Glass Fencing is the most economical of fencing systems that also adds to the aesthetic value of your home and property. There's very little required by way of maintenance, a wash down with soap and water does the trick. Damaged glass panels can be easily replaced and the framework is usually coated with anti-rust chemicals which ensures durability.

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