Alfresco Blinds for Sun Control and Privacy

Alfresco blinds are particularly useful to keep out the insects if you are planning on entertaining your guests at night.

- Entertaining outdoors is an essential part of the Australian culture and most home owners take pains to create a cosy outdoor space for this very purpose. One of the easiest ways to do this is to extend your interior living space to the outdoors. This can be done by enclosing the area with blinds. Outdoor blinds also known as alfresco blinds or bistro blinds or cafe blinds or patio blinds are designed specifically for this purpose.

Alfresco blinds are ideal for sun control and privacy. They also protect the area from wind and rain while also preventing insects, flies and mosquitoes from entering your home. You can spend time outdoors without being troubled by the cold wind or rain. Alfresco blinds are particularly useful to keep out the insects if you are planning on entertaining your guests at night.

Different types of materials are used to construct alfresco blinds, the most common being PVC and sunscreen mesh. If you are looking for sun control and privacy, sunscreen mesh is the perfect choice. While it offers good protection from the sun, it also allows some air circulation, thus keeping the area cool and pleasant.

The other option for alfresco blinds is clear PVC which is a solid material that completely encloses the space. On especially chilly nights, PVC completely blocks out the cold winds but also retains the warmth in the interior, keeping the place cosy and perfect for entertaining. During daytime, PVC alfresco blinds let in the light and allow clear views of the outdoors.

Good quality alfresco blinds can withstand the harsh Australian weather. Make sure that you install spring-balanced blinds as they are easy to operate. To open, these blinds can simply be pushed upwards to the desired height. There are no zips, cords or handles to fiddle with making them a very convenient style. Track-guided alfresco blinds are ideal for the outdoors since the blinds are fitted into the tracks without leaving gaps. These blinds do not rattle in the wind or look untidy.

Vertical Blinds must be custom designed to fit the desired space. Installation of outdoor blinds is best left to the professionals. Blinds retailers generally visit the site and offer advice on the best outdoor blind suitable for your area. After measuring they provide a quote. Once you approve the design and material your alfresco blinds are made to order and installed professionally.

In Australia, there are several Residential Blinds suppliers who specialise in alfresco blinds. Finding one in your locality is easy when you go online to You'll find a huge listing of blinds suppliers at the click of a button. Get a quick quote or get multiple quotes to compare prices and get the best deal. Go ahead and create the perfect outdoor space with alfresco blinds.<

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