Antier Offers White Label Bitcoin Wallet Development Solutions to help Businesses launch their Crypto Wallet in just 3 Weeks

Antier Solutions is the best Bitcoin wallet development company offering a competent team of blockchain developers who attain great experience in building crypto wallets with groundbreaking features.

- Mohali, India; July 16, 2020: Antier Solutions, a well-acknowledged blockchain development company headquartered in Mohali, India along with its existence of two more units in North America & the UK is offering white label crypto wallet development solutions to help businesses launch their crypto wallets in just 3 weeks.

The white label multi-currency wallet offered by the company is integrated with market-leading features DApp and in-chat transactions being the USPs.
The DApp functionality has an API connection to the leading crypto exchanges, which enables users to buy or sell the desired cryptocurrencies without leaving the wallet. The chat functionality allows the users to transfer crypto assets from the chat itself.

Antier's focus is to provide users with a complete interactive platform where they can buy, sell, and transfer cryptocurrencies while ensuring ease and top-notch security. This is why Antier has integrated DApp as well as the chat functionalities in the crypto mobile wallet solution, said the Product Architect.

In addition, the companys white label wallet solution is fortified with multi-layer security achieved through biometric authentication, multi-sig support, and two-factor authentication. Other features reinforcing the wallet include mnemonics phrase for easy recovery of wallet, QR code scanner, password-protected access, multi-currency support, and more.

Antiers offerings include white label Bitcoin wallet development and building a custom wallet from ground zero. Regardless of the type of wallet (i.e. white-label or custom wallet) that customers need, Antier follows a coherent roadmap to navigate the wallet development journey and accelerate the deployment process.

Antier brand has been well-acknowledged as the leader and known as the best bitcoin wallet development company.

The growing adoption of cryptocurrencies has inflated the demand for crypto wallets that enable prompt, protected, and effortless transactions. Businesses that capitalize on the opportunity to roll out a secure and user-friendly wallet are more likely to gain an essential competitive edge and acquire more users.

About Antier Solutions

Antier helps its clients to transform their operations by harnessing blockchain. Antiers professional team, with its deep domain knowledge and rich experience, has created a well-rounded ecosystem of services such as cryptocurrency exchange development, P2P exchange development, security token exchange development, wallet development, P2P lending platform development, coin and token development, smart contract development, ICO and IEO development, and marketing.

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