Apple Stores Launches Another Brilliant Puzzle Game That Occupies The Screens of The Smart Phones

Italian Developers 108Farm Announce The Release of “Black & White Life: Brain Sharp Puzzle Game” For Smart Phone Applications

- Italy, 4/ April/2014Black & White Life: Brain Sharp Puzzle Game you're having a laugh!Even a few years back playing video games was considered a childs play to amuse kids and teenagers to while away their time, through play-consoles. However, the recent technology incorporates such amazing features that the entire world feels the craze playing the digital games that are accessible online. With the revolution of smart phone technology there is an unleashed availability of sophisticated smart phones into the hands of more than 1 billion people across the world. In fact, computer-savvy and nonprofessionals are using their mobile phones for joyful entertainment purposes where a puzzle game come out as one of the refined sources for digital entertainment. Mainly playing fantastic video games through software applications in smart phones has been a regular feature especially for the new age group. The announcement made today by software developers from Italy 108Farm for Apple Stores brings good news for video game lovers.
Apple iPhone series and iPods of latest generations have been pioneers in providing abundance of other facilities and features to their hand-phone users, apart from just communication. One important facility among them is developing and releasing innovative video-games solely for the use of iOS and other updated servers and devices, through absorbing video-game themes, which call for brain-storming puzzles to concentrate on and rejoice if they win in solving the puzzles. By virtue of their endless possibilities and solutions human mind can create, these puzzle-solving games have achieved tremendous popularity.
Todays announcement from 108 Farm is with the intention of apprising smart phone owners, especially those possessing iPhone, iPod (4th/5th generations) and similar other iOS servers. Black & White Life: Brain Sharp Puzzle Game is a new addition to the world of digital games which has been approved by Apple Stores, and slated to publish the game on 11 April 2014 on App store. The story-line as described by the developers is as follows:
The panda Russell was born in a rural village in China and lives with his grandmother in a hut. The granny often complains of the black and white world, so the little panda decides to realize her dream and gets ready to color the world for her. The aim of the game is to help the main character (panda) to achieve a goal, starting from a particular point and trying to collect as many color spots as possible. The fun game integrates three different worlds that the player needs to overcome to gain the ultimate success.
Initially the first level is upgraded with the completion of the all the previous versions and a total earning of 30 color spots. After one successfully completes the first level, it is the time to reach the second world with a collection of 60 color spots. Finally needs to achieve the third level that qualifies for earnings of 90 color spots. It needs to be mentioned that the first level does not incur any additional charge, however to access the supplementary levels the user can purchase a subscription package of 0, 89.
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