Are Weight Loss Diet Shakes Dangerous? - Answers

A 28 year old woman, Lorena Baltazar, died after being rushed to a hospital complaining of kidney pains.

30, October 2014: - A 28 year old woman, Lorena Baltazar, died after being rushed to a hospital complaining of kidney pains.

During an examination of the body by a team of doctors, she was discovered to have a significant amount of lead in her blood which caused kidney failure and damage to her organs including the liver and pancreas.

Her father reported to media that her daughter lived on miracle weight loss shakes for the last 6 months before her death, having gotten addicted to Herbalife products in order to lose weight.

According to Luis Peralta, father of the victim, her daughter began to experience severe pains in her whole body and had to be taken to a hospital but she died later that day.

Herbalife is a large company offering many nutritional products to consumers for weight loss and weight gain through diverse methods such as meal replacement shakes.

Reuters reported in 2008 that Spain has issued a warning regarding certain Herbalife products that were suspected of causing liver damage. However, a company spokesperson declared that Herbalife has sold its products to millions of people in the last 28 years and that adverse effects including liver function abnormalities were extremely rare.

Steve Henig, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer of Herbalife states that "there are many natural and processed foods including vegetables and dairy products made with natural ingredients that contain small amounts of naturally occurring lead that can be detected by modern and highly sensitive analytical methods but are insignificant in terms of health risks to consumers."

Using Weight Loss Shakes Responsibly

In March this year, Cristiano Ronaldo, football superstar, was featured on YouTube in a series of advertisements endorsing Herbalife and declares it to be a company that is professional and honest. He stressed that he is excited by the idea of working with Herbalife and that it is in line with his goals for the future. Ronaldo says he is eager to follow the nutrition program of the company as part of his work.

Weight loss shakes and meal replacement shakes are fast becoming the solution that people turn to gain a slimmer and healthier body. By following its recommended program, a consumer can expect to shed several pounds through substitution of meals with nutritious bars or shakes. To date, there has been no scientific evidence to support that weight loss shakes are harmful to health and companies manufacturing these products have made no suggestions that they have health risks.

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