Beverly Hills Orthopedic Institute’s Dr. Raj: Expertise & Bedside Manner

The Beverly Hills Orthopedic Institute team is led by Dr. Bal M. Rajagopalan, known by his patients as Dr. Raj.

23-10-14 - The Beverly Hills Orthopedic Institute team is led by Dr. Bal M. Rajagopalan, known by his patients as Dr. Raj. Board certified in the United States, Canada, and Dubai, Dr. Raj is world famous for his expertise, compassion, and dedication to his craft. Winner of multiple Patients Choice Awards and granted hospital privileges at the regions most prestigious hospitals, Dr. Raj is admired and revered by colleagues and patients alike. Hes handpicked a team of medical health professionals including surgeons, medical doctors, nurses, and physician assistants. Each member of his world class team was chosen for their skill and care for their patients. Dr. Raj is the top orthopedic surgeon in Los Angeles and one of the best in the world.

The Beverly Hills Orthopedic Institute offers treatments for every orthopedic condition, including hip treatments, knee treatments, shoulder treatments and other bone and joint related treatment options. Furthermore, the Institute also offers a rapid weight loss clinic. Each of the Institutes treatment strategies is custom tailored to their patients needs, taking into account lifestyle, condition, and recovery goals. The most sophisticated and advanced treatments are used, and Dr. Raj has had incredible success with both medical and surgical treatment strategies.

Hip disorders which are treated at the Beverly Hills Orthopedic Institute ( include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteonecrosis, joint circulation disorder, post-traumatic arthritis, congenital disorders and dislocations. The Institute also offers total and partial hip joint replacements. They offer total and partial knee joint replacements as well. Dr. Raj also performs lateral release procedures, plica excisions, ACL reconstructions, meniscus transplantation, meniscectomy, and meniscus repair. The center also provides patients with a full range of surgical shoulder treatment options, including treatment for rotator cuff tears, avascular necrosis, severe fractures, and partial and total shoulder replacements.

Joint issues can also be treated with innovative new techniques like stem cell therapy and platelet rich plasma therapy. The Beverly Hills Orthopedic Institute is fully equipped and prepared to offer their patients these sophisticated treatment options.

Weight loss may seem unrelated to orthopedics, but nothing could be further from the truth. The Beverly Hills Orthopedic Institute offers a rapid weight loss program for its patients to help combat the obesity epidemic. Obesity causes a wide range of health problems, including additional stress on patients joints. Simply losing weigh can have a significant impact on joint pain and deterioration. Patients who arent experiencing joint problems can also take advantage of this treatment as a form of prevention. The program is six months in length and is a result of collaboration between Dr. Raj and weight loss expert Jack R. The program has proven to be a success around the world.

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The Beverly Hills Orthopedic Institute is home to one of the best orthopedic surgeons Los Angeles can offer, Dr. Bal M. Rajagopalan, known as Dr. Raj. The institute offers a range of surgical and medical treatments. For more information, visit

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