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The premier pain management clinics in Orange County are all part of the California Pain Network family of clinics.

Pain Center - The premier pain management clinics in Orange County are all part of the California Pain Network family of clinics. The California Pain Network is the regions most comprehensive provider of pain management therapies, and has locations in Orange County, Santa Ana, Irvine, Huntington Beach, and Newport Beach. Over ninety percent of patients who seek treatment at a California Pain Network Clinic report successful treatments; the majority also are able to avoid the need for surgical intervention. Part of the reason for this unprecedented success rate is the fact that each patient receives individualized care, and has a treatment plan developed to meet their own personal goals and to be compatible with their own lifestyles.

California Pain Network is composed of numerous physicians and treatment providers of all different specialties. One thing that all of these medical professionals have in common is their absolute commitment to ensuring that their patients receive the attention and quality pain management care that they deserve. Dr. Paicius is one such doctor. He is a board certified pain management specialist, named one of Orange Countys best doctors by a number of professional and public organizations. He has over three decades of experience in successful pain relief treatment, and offers both interventional and medical treatment options. He specializes in patients with chronic pain.

Renee Fabrizi-Piel is a California Pain Network ( physicians assistant. She has spent over ten years helping her patients achieve pain reduction or pain elimination through a variety of traditional and alternative medical treatments. She and Dr. Fabrius represent only a small portion of the many professionals standing by at California Pain Network, prepared to aid patients in pain.

One of the most important services a pain management clinic can offer is professional pain medication management. Patients who suffer from severe or chronic conditions resulting in pain have very unique medication needs, which most physicians are simply not prepared to manage. However, the doctors at the California Pain Clinic are prepared, and willing, to help their patients achieve a pain free lifestyle through medication management. Pain medication management requires a number of different things from both the doctor and patient in order to be effective.

First, the doctor must develop an individualized medication centered treatment plan for the patient. Each and every patient will require different treatment options. Second, the doctor must be comfortable with and knowledgeable about some of their professions most powerful medications. Narcotic and opioid medications are often the only option for those whose pain is severe, but prescribing them safely requires careful monitoring and experience. Finally, the doctor must follow up with the patient regularly to ensure that their pain is still being successfully managed.

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