Cars2Charities Partners with BCS Foundation to Support Breast Cancer Patients

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and Cars2Charities is supporting breast cancer awareness by raising funds for Breast Cancer Solutions.

- October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and Cars2Charities, a vehicle donation program dedicated to helping car owners repurpose unwanted cars by donating them to charity, is supporting breast cancer awareness by raising funds for Breast Cancer Solutions.

Breast cancer will affect millions of women during their lifetimes, and Breast Cancer Solutions Foundation is dedicated to raising funds to help organizations that address financial distress due to treatment for breast cancer. As part of this effort, Cars2Charities is teaming up with Breast Cancer Solutions Foundation to make it easy for those with a vehicle to donate it as a 100% tax-deductible gift.

Many patients face difficult choices given the cost of treatment and the increases in expenses related to a breast cancer diagnosis. Breast Cancer Solutions Foundation raises funds for its sister organization Breast Cancer Solutions, to provide patients in Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego Counties with financial assistance and community-based patient navigation during treatment.

According to Jennifer Anderson, Executive Director of Breast Cancer Solutions, The programs offered by Breast Cancer Solutions address factors that can hinder lifesaving treatment for breast cancer, including loss of health insurance, reduced work capacity due to treatment or side effects, and the compounding impact of potentially lifetime increases in medical expenses that can be the tipping point to financial ruin. No one should ever have to choose between life-saving treatment and keeping herself and her family sheltered, fed and clothed.

Breast Cancer Solutions Foundation has been partnering with Cars2Charities since early 2014 to make it easy for those who want to donate a vehicle to do so. As seen at , Breast Cancer Solutions Foundation can be designated as the recipient of the proceeds of any donated vehicle.

Cars2Charities offers the simplest and smartest way to donate a vehicle, as seen at . Even if the car is not running, they will pick it up free, improve it, and complete all necessary paperwork. Those who are interested in donating a car to charity can use the Cars2Charities method of donating which adds value to each tax-deductible charitable donation.

Donating a car to Breast Cancer Solutions Foundation can be a great way to help breast cancer patients survive and thrive during treatment. You can also support Breast Cancer Solutions Foundation through Breast Cancer Solutions inaugural Shady Canyon Soiree on Thursday, October 23, 2014 in Irvine, California. Broadway by Amar Santana will be providing great food and libations. The event will also feature local guitarist Doug Schmude, and a silent auction. Tickets are $75 per person and sponsorship opportunities are still available.

For more information, contact Heather Rocha at or call 866-960-9222.

Breast Cancer Solutions has a 16-year history helping breast cancer patients on a local level. According to one client, You came along side me at my darkest hour. I didnt have enough money to buy food for my children at the end of the month, had a shut off notice from the water departmentYour organization and team were real life angels who came into my life and provided hope and relief to someone who was drowning.

Another client notes: "Before I called Breast Cancer Solutions for help, I cried when medical bills came in the mail, afraid to open them and knowing I couldn't pay them. Or I would cancel my oncology appointments because I didn't have money for the co-pays... Knowing that Breast Cancer Solutions has donors and volunteers that want to help perfect strangers win the fight of their lives motivates you to want to make them proud and win!"

Cars2Charities is proud to be a part of the effort to help Breast Cancer Solutions Foundation. According to COO David Miszti, "Cars2Charities is so proud of the contribution we are making to the success of Breast Cancer Solutions' program. We expect to see the funds raised from car donations to grow exponentially in the coming year. Why? Because when you donate a vehicle, you can see the value. Not just in the lives of the women who benefit -- but also in your own pocket, as a donor. We improve how each vehicle looks and runs, so a donor typically gets a 25 to 50 percent higher tax deduction."

About Breast Cancer Solutions Foundation:

Breast Cancer Solutions Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides financial and volunteer support to Breast Cancer Solutions.

About Breast Cancer Solutions:

Breast Cancer Solutions provides breast cancer patients with direct assistance, community referrals and compassionate support.

About Cars2Charities:

Cars2Charities, Inc. helps donors convert unneeded vehicles to cash that can fund any non-profit organization the donor wishes to choose. Its mission is to relieve the burden of fundraising for charities, so they can focus on what they do best -- provide the core services that matter to their cause. With proprietary state-of-the-art processes and work-flows, Cars2Charities improves donated vehicles, and obtains the best sale price on behalf of the charity. This maximizes the value of the donors tax deduction, and the net proceeds to the charity of their choice.

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