CherryTrade: a New and Unique Binary Options Trading Platform

CherryTrade is one of the newest platforms on the market. See what CherryTrade has to offer in 2014.

March 18, 2014 -


CherryTrade offers their traders numerous benefits, unique only to their platform. For example, the CherryTrade website is extremely user-friendly, clean-cut and informative. They also allow traders to sell their options before the expiry time. This can help traders earn more profits through their portfolio. Also, CherryTrade has one of the highest payouts on the market. They offer up to 81% on 60-second trades, one of the most generous offers in the binary options field.


CherryTrade offers five different account types for any type of binary options trader. The Classic package requires a $200 dollar deposit and offers a 25% welcome bonus. The Bronze package requires a $500 dollar deposit and offers four $25 dollar risk free trades. The Silver package is the recommended package, it requires a $1,000 dollar deposit and offers up to 50% welcome bonus. The Gold package requires a $5,000 dollar deposit and new traders can receive up to a 75% welcome bonus! The most prestigious package CherryTrade offers, is the Diamond package. This package offers many benefits such as four $500 risk free trades, 10% insurance for any month that ends in a loss and much more. Each package is unique and any trader can choose any package that is most suitable for them.


CherryTrade wants all of their traders to have the highest success when trading. They offer many educational tools for their traders. Traders are provided with a free interactive eBook trading guide to learn how to trade options. This guide describes the basics of binary options trading and offers a description of the CherryTrade platform. Traders also have access to video tutorials in the CherryTrade academy. Depending on a trader's package, CherryTrade also offers binary options courses. These courses teach traders tips into the financial market and teach traders binary options strategies.


CherryTrade believes that being up to date on current binary options trading news can positively affect your trading ability. CherryTrade offers a constant update of market news all via their website. The news sections consist of highlights in the commodities, indices, stocks and forex news sectors. CherryTrade also has constant news updates via their twitter account. CherryTrade is one of newest and best binary options platforms currently on the market.


CherryTrade is one of the newest and most innovative binary options trading platforms on the market. They offer one of the highest payouts with up to 81% on 60-second trades. There are many benefits when trading with CherryTrade. Their platform is 100% web based. This means traders do not need to download any software and they can start trading immediately. CherryTrade is exclusive in the fact that traders do not need any previous trading experience. The platform is simple and user friendly for any type of trader.


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