Creative Safety Supply is Now Offering Coarse Industrial Colored Traction Tape

Keep entryways and pathways safe from icy conditions with Industrial Traction Tape.

January 06, 2014 -

Customers visiting retail stores and restaurants and employees working for companies in the Northern part of the country are at safety risks during the winter months due to ice and snow. Business owners must maintain outdoor and indoor entryways and other areas of the facility from becoming too slippery that could cause possible injuries from falls and slips. Creative Safety Supply is now offering Coarse Industrial Colored Traction Tape that will help prevent accidents from happening.

The traction tape is coated with a deep aluminum oxide mineral to help prevent clogging from mud, snow, and ice which reduce traction. This tape is ideal for use in northern states and ski resorts and any area that suffers from icy or muddy conditions. Insurance costs are on the rise and as a business owner, it is important to keep safety numbers up and accidents on the low side. Traction tape is an affordable and simple product that can be used by all types of businesses.

Creative Safety Supply's traction tape product is made of anti-slip material that is not only easy to apply to any surface, but it is also long lasting. The aggressive adhesive will stay put even under the harshest conditions. Other tapes tend to come up on the corners and will start showing wear in a couple of months, but not this tape. The tape is available in black, yellow or red and in two sizes of either 2 inch or 4 inch widths and 60 feet long.

Marking sidewalks, steps, aisles, and pathways both indoors and outdoors is simple and easy with coarse industrial traction tape. The colors are bold enough to see from a distance and ladies heels won't get caught or stuck unlike some contoured mats.

A retail store manager commented, "Before using the Industrial Traction Tape, we were constantly receiving reports of customers slipping and falling. Since applying the tape, we have received zero reports."

For more information about Coarse Industrial Colored Traction Tape, please contact Creative Safety Supply or call toll-free (866)777-1360 to speak with a professional representative.

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