Crownline Has Launched a Vacuum Cleaner Wet and Dry Blow – SS-23LB for Home and Office Purposes

- December 2021, United Arab Emirates: Crownline is the most prominent home & domestic appliances provider that provides the widest selection of kitchen equipment at very affordable pricing online in the United Arab Emirates. At this time, Crownline has launched a brand-new vacuum cleaner for both your home and office purposes.

Vacuum Cleaners are machines that remove and clean many types of surfaces by absorbing and removing dust and particles powered by electricity. Extracted dust particles and materials are placed in a dust bag or whirlwind inside the filter.

Wet & Dry vacuum cleaners can work very efficiently to clean dry dirt and liquid spills. In some models, it may be necessary to remove the HEPA filter when needed to clean the spill. While on the contrary, a special wet/dry filter is used to treat both solid and liquid waste simultaneously, thus requiring no human effort to add/remove the filter.

Here are some unique ways to use a wet and dry vacuum cleaner:

With the help of a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, cleaning up a wet surface will not be a difficult task. However, be sure to clean the machine immediately after cleaning up spilled liquid.

You can use wet and dry cleaners such as regular cleaners to remove dust or debris from the floor and curtains.

Dry vacuum cleaners come up with a separate tank to collect the ashes from the furnace.

A vacuum cleaner saves time and energy by effectively removing dirt and stains from the carpet.

This Powerful Crownline wet & dry vacuum cleaner gives you a blowing function of 1200W max, power motor and 180 Air Watt suction power. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. And its a great option for clearing up dust, dirt, debris, sand, sawdust, wood chippings, metal shavings, and liquid spills/ blockages.

Crownline is the topmost retailer all over the UAE that provides the best collection of home appliances, including Health & Beauty Care products, Seasonal products, Office& Outdoor cleaning products at reasonable pricing that is worth your money.

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