CTA, Inc. at the Forefront of the New Trend of Outsourcing in the USA

Central Trading Agency, Inc. announces the launching of their new website: http://www.procurement.centraltradingagency.com.

March 19, 2014 -

Central Trading Agency offers a procurement outsourcing service that is as inexpensive as outsourcing overseas, thus making outsourcing in the USA a practical reality.

The outsourcing trend has accelerated in the corporate world as it has been found to create more efficiency and reduce costs. And outsourcing procurement functions has the greatest potential to realize savings since companies on average spend at least half of their revenue sourcing and purchasing products. Unfortunately outsourcing has often been associated with only using overseas firms. Central Trading Agency is riding a new trend of bringing some of those services back to the US by making their services price competitive with overseas firms whiles providing the additional benefits of better communication and understanding the domestic market better. Plus rapid consumer product innovation and shrinking design/manufacture to market times demand expedited procurement functionality which domestic firms are better at.

Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Seattle, Central Trading Agency (CTA) was an early player to the 3rd party procurement industry. With a vision of improving the entire procurement experience for clients, CTA adopted a prescription for servicing all facets of the procurement process. With an unwavering attention to detail, CTA quickly became a "go to" procurement service provider. It is the mission of CTA to establish lifelong partnerships by providing an unbeatable procurement service with an extremely competitive pricing strategy. According to Jerry Greiff, Vice-President "CTA stands for Central Trading Agency however it is also stands for Call To Action since we are action-oriented and fulfill orders quickly, accurately and at a lower cost."

The website is set up so that companies can easily send their requests for quotes on virtually any commodity without any obligation. For more information contact Colin Dilley, Director of Operations and Business Development at: colin@ctaproducts.com.

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