Difference Between Wood Fencing And Chain Link Fencing

The chain link fence is made up of galvanised or coated steel wires looped together in a diamond pattern.

- Wood fencing has been the traditional favourite when it comes to fencing of a property. Timber has a beauty of its own and a well designed wooden fence is a piece of art in itself, adding to the aesthetics and the value of your property. Until recently, wood was an affordable fencing material but the rising costs of timber today have made home owners choose other material for fencing like steel, aluminium and even glass.

Among the other fencing materials preferred these days, a chain link fencing or chain mesh fencing is a popular choice. Especially when it comes to enclosing industrial areas or large open spaces, the chain-link or wire mesh or wire netting fence is preferred. The chain link fence is made up of galvanised or coated steel wires looped together in a diamond pattern. The chain link fabric is secured with steel posts and a tension bar so that a sturdy fence can be created.

When it comes to differences between wood fencing and chain link fencing, both are worlds apart one made from lumber and the other from metal. Both have their pros and cons, while price-wise wood fencing may work out to be a costlier option than a chain-link fence.

With the rising costs of timber, wood fencing is no longer an affordable option. Wood is also prone to rotting, especially the portions touching the ground. Exposure to the elements and moisture leads to warping which may threaten the entire structure of the fence. Timber used for fencing must be treated to prevent it from deteriorating, which again increases the costs. Regular maintenance is another expense with wood fencing.

With a chain link fence, there are no issues of warping or termite infestation. The steel wires are treated with anti-rust chemicals or sometimes PVC coated to protect them from the weather and prevent corrosion. A chain link fence lasts much longer with minimum maintenance required, making it a cost effective option.

Aesthetically, Bamboo Privacy Fencing emerges the winner as it can be styled into a variety of designs with different finishes. It is ideally suited to residential properties where it is an important factor that adds to the curb appeal. A chain-link fence may not be an appealing option in a residential application although it may be ideal for industrial spaces. There is not much variety in a chain-mesh fence at the most a rectangle or square patterning may be available as a deviation from the common diamond pattern.

Selecting the Chainlink Fencing material for your property depends on your preference and budget. Various types of fencing material is available to suit your particular needs. Visit https://fencing-kwikfynd.com.au for your Chain Mesh Fencing needs and to find a local supplier.<

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