Difficulty Conceiving Rocky Mountain Fertility Center Offers Donor Eggs as One Solution

Rocky Mountain Fertility Center provides couples and women with a wide variety of different fertility treatment strategies.

Egg Donation in Denver - Rocky Mountain Fertility Center provides couples and women with a wide variety of different fertility treatment strategies. The Centers staff understands just how emotionally and physically wearing infertility can be, and offers not only medical support, but also emotional support during this especially difficult time. One of the most popular services offered by Rocky Mountain Fertility Center is in vitro fertilization with the use of donated eggs.

The reason this particular treatment strategy is so desirable is easy to understand. Infertility in women can occur for a number of different reasons. Often, the only thing keeping her from carrying a baby to term is the inability to produce mature, viable eggs. That is, she can still experience the miracle of pregnancy, but only if she is able to find an eligible egg donor or fertility center (http://www.rockymountainfertility.com/meet-our-team/) that can provide eggs. Rocky Mountain Fertility Center one such facility. Rocky Mountain Fertility Center not only provides treatments for those who are suffering from infertility, they also coordinate egg donations. This makes them one of the best resources for infertile couples in the Denver area.

Egg donation can be accomplished in several different ways. The first thing the couple must decide is whether or not they want an anonymous donor or someone they know to donate eggs. There is no right or wrong answer. For some women, having an anonymous donor helps her to feel that the child is more her own, because she doesnt know the biological mother. However, for other women, having someone they know or someone theyre related to is more ideal. For example, some women with fertility problems will ask that their sister or cousin donate an egg. This means that the child has at least some of the same genetic material as the mother.

Whether the donor is known or anonymous, she will have to go through a rigorous process to ensure that she is fit to offer her eggs for donation. This process includes evaluation of the donor physically and psychologically. It also explores her family medical history, to find out whether her eggs are likely to carry any genetic problems. She will also undergo screening to ensure she doesnt carry any STDs. Egg donors must be non-smokers and must not have any history of drug or alcohol abuse. Once they have proven to fit within these strict requirements, they must then go through the arduous donation process. The donation process involves daily hormonal injections which prepare multiple eggs for harvesting. Once the eggs are mature, they will be removed from the donors body using an ultrasound guided syringe. Despite all of this physical and emotional discomfort, most donors are very proud to have helped other women conceive.

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