Digital Touch Systems Harnesses the Power of Big Data; Releases CARA Facial Detection Technology for Adaptive Advertising and Real World Analytics

Business Review assesses revolutionary new facial detection technology that identifies onsite consumer behaviors so brands can leverage big data for hyper-targeted advertising campaigns.

December 05, 2013 -

Business Review commends Digital Touch Systems on its continuous contributions to innovative technology and today announces the release of DTS's exciting new, privacy by design facial detection technology: CARA will turn any camera into an intelligent sensor that accurately detects real world analytics in real time to measure customer engagement and dwell time in brick-and-mortar stores. CARA will detect and gather real-time anonymous consumer analytics such as gender, age, attention time and even emotions using basic cameras within any environment.

CARA, a simple and non-invasive sensor technology, can be installed in any physical space such as end caps, doorway entrances, cash registers, vending machines or any other area you want to capture real time analytics in your environment. "CARA is a fantastic new detection technology that will immensely help fuel any hyper-connected brand interested in launching an adaptive advertising campaign based off onsite foot-traffic and consumer analytics," says Dax Patton of Digital Touch Systems. "The detection technology does not record actual customer images, so retail locations, restaurants or any setting concerned about customer privacy don't need to be concerned with customer privacy as information is being gathered, and the CARA software also offers developers options to turn any existing content into a tool that reacts to audiences in real time. The technology is very exciting."

With DTS's strategic partnership with CARA's creators, the technology is compatible with several different platforms such as desktop Windows7/Windows8, Android and Linux and soon iOS devices. The technology is a pay-as-you-go service, and Digital Touch Systems provides premium support, SLAs, monthly invoicing and dedicated account managers are available for customer above a certain usage threshold. For more information on CARA or to obtain three free licenses that can be used with any Digital Touch System product, visit or

About Digital Touch SystemsDigital Touch Systems (DTS) is a touch screen technology company based in Austin, Texas. DTS manufactures touch screen hardware and develops interactive multi-touch software. It has created a number of opportunities through the synergy of hardware manufacturing, software development, cloud space, and network. Areas of focus include: Hospitality, Advertising, Education, Corporate, and Defense.Our software ranges from a restaurant suite, advertising platform, trade show application, annotation software, facial recognition, network backend, and more.

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