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Dodger Industries Company is the premier manufacturer of athletic apparel. Established in 1940,

- Dodger Industries Company is the premier manufacturer of athletic apparel. Established in 1940, Dodger Industries was initially built as a company producing clothing for the use of students partaking in physical education and other athletic recreational activities. Over the years, the company has grown in further expansion of their clothing line. This growth has included the addition of clothing such as t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, short-sleeved shirts, sleeveless jerseys, pullover and zip up sweatshirts, hooded long-sleeved shirts, and sweatpants. Though, Dodger Industries reputability was built upon the athletic shorts, which are available in a large stock of varieties for men, women, and children. Not only are Dodger Industries athletic shorts available in such an array, but also in a multitude of colors, lengths, and sizes as well, which can be viewed on their website at The different types of athletic shorts include those made from material such as poly tricot mesh, 50/50 cotton and polyester, nylon, and the patented Smooth Knit Moisture Management material, which is made from a polyester blended base. Each pair of athletic shorts is produced with a secure elastic waistband that is ideal in helping withstand slipping when engaged in the demanding and constant movement of athletic activities.

Dodger Industries athletic shorts are easy to put on, take off and are comfortable to wear pleasing anyone who wears them. Whether choosing to purchase a pair for the gym, to brush up on a game of basketball, to jog, run, or even walk around the neighborhood, Dodger Industries athletic shorts will not let you down! All of Dodger Industries athletic apparel is available at bulk wholesale purchase ranging in options from 24-399 pieces, 400-999 pieces, and 1,000+ pieces. Though the completion of a membership is required for purchasing wholesale clothing apparel at the Dodger Industries website at, you can be certain, that with the professionally staffed customer service representatives, you will be catered to and helped every step of the way.

Need more reasons on why you should strongly consider purchasing your next pair of athletic shorts, and apparel from The Dodger Industries website? Reason number one is the fact that Dodger Industries has been a trusted name in athletic apparel for 74 years. This would mean your grandparents probably having worn a pair of Dodger Industries athletic shorts in their youth. Reason number two is that Dodger Industries athletic apparel offers clients the ability to create a customized private label on its products. That equates to the client instructing the manufacturers at Dodger Industries with their specified vision of a model pattern of athletic clothing apparel. And, reason number three is that in purchasing from Dodger Industries athletic apparel, you support in helping to keep the tradition of one of the few longstanding American companies still based in the United States of America. And, who would not want to help keep what is left of The American Dream alive? Help create more reasons by visiting the Dodger Industries website at

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The Dodger Industries Company was established in 1940 with the aim to provide high quality athletic apparel. The company offers a long variety of athletic apparel, including, but not limited to jerseys, shorts, and sweatpants. With 74 years and counting in business, Dodger Industries has fulfilled the American dream, in that, their continuing existence is a testament to what once made America the most boasted about nation in the Western world.


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