DSC Surf Fitness Introduces Create-A-Program

Kevyn Dean founded Dean Sports Consultants to train athletes with their various objectives from building muscle to losing weight.

- Kevyn Dean founded Dean Sports Consultants to train athletes with their various objectives from building muscle to losing weight. He relies largely on his background in surfing and physical therapy to develop programs for each client and now offers Create-a-Program for true individualization.

Surfing has been a popular sport and past-time for people in California and around the world for years. Southern California based Dean Sports Consultants or DSC helps surfers and other athletes develop their skills and physical condition by closely monitoring them both in the gym and on the water or football field. DSC now offers an app based Create-A-Program for surfers and athletes around the country to reference as part of their independent training.

DSC's primary focus is turning promising surfers into excellent surfers, performing at competition level. The program's surfing fitness clinic as seen at http://deansportsconsultants.com/sevices/ includes individual training, individual assessment, small group training and youth development training. Now, the organization's Create-A-Program offers surfers a customized exercise routine via the DSC website. Prices start at $79/month for basic programs, while the most detailed and customized programs cost over $250/month.

DSC founder Kevyn Dean used his background as both a surfing enthusiast and a physical therapist to develop a surfing based physical therapy in Huntington Beach as seen at http://www.dscperformance.com . DSC uses only certified physical therapists with a verifiable record of successful athlete training and injury recovery programs. Along with muscle development and agility, programs focus on weight loss and pain reduction depending on the client's needs. Create-A-Program's daily schedule informs the user what exercises are to be used and when the person in training should not exercise at all.

Along with physical therapy programs in Huntington Beach, DSC offers similar programs in Newport Beach as seen at http://www.dscperformance.com . Along with weight lifting, clinic training and weight loss, DSC's Create-A-Program keeps the user informed about nutrition and diet.

About DSC Surf Fitness:

Dean Sports Consultants (DSC) was established in 2002 by physical therapist Kevyn Dean. Proud to be based in California, DSCs facilities include a 2200-square foot warehouse-style gym in Costa Mesa and a state-of-the-art 2100-square foot gym in the surf ghetto of San Clemente.

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