Electronic Transfer Declared Third Best Online Credit Card Processing Company by topcreditcardprocessors.com for December 2013

topcreditcardprocessors.com has issued Electronic Transfer as the third top online credit card processing firm for the month of December 2013.

December 06, 2013 -

The independent authority on credit card processing, topcreditcardprocessors.com, has announced Electronic Transfer the 3rd best online credit card processing company for December 2013. Electronic Transfer was announced the third top online credit card processing company due to their compelling performance in the in-depth investigation process. Thousands of credit card processing firms are considered while only the top 30 are featured in the listings.

Payment processing companies are put to the test through a methodical evaluation process to establish which companies to showcase in the ratings. While there are thousands of online credit card processing companies the ratings are comprised of the absolute best the payment processing industry has to offer. The independent research team evaluates various online credit card processing companies across five areas of evaluation in order to establish the overall level of efficiency in areas including reliability, efficiency, customer support, variance, and competitive rates.

Clients of payment processing services are often contacted in order to better understand the overall quality of solution being provided to them. Client references are often a strong indicator of the quality of solution which each online credit card processing company produces. Often times clients connect directly with topcreditcardprocessors.com to voice their opinions.

Electronic Transfer has been named the third top online credit card processing consultant based on a meticulous examination of their offered solutions. The independent research team has named them due to their continued performance and their history of successful payment processing solutions. Those looking for a competent online credit card processing solution to meet their specified needs should consider Electronic Transfer.

About Electronic Transfer

Electronic Transfer, Inc. Provides fast and easy merchant accounts for merchants in a wide variety of industries. Their services are provided with low rates, no setup fees, and no hidden surcharge fees or surprises. They provide a wide variety of services for merchants of all shapes and sizes looking to accept credit card payments either at their location or online. They also provide solutions for mail and phone order businesses and through wireless and mobile payment processing.

About topcreditcardprocessors.com

topcreditcardprocessors.com is a well-known independent authority on merchant services. The first objective of topcreditcardprocessors.com is to determine and reveal those individuals or consultants providing the top credit card processing services all over the world. A specialized team of researchers examine thousands of applicants each month who are seeking to be ranked as a top credit card processing product or service by the independent authority.

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