Enfants Perdus Presents Luscious Jewelry with Hand-Carved Precious Stones

Luscious dogtags in 18 karat gold and sterling silver were presented at Enfants Perdus' Manhattan showroom, showcasing expertise in work with stones such as obsidian, jasper, and snake lepidolite.

December 05, 2013 -

While all gemstones are beautiful stones, the hand-carved precious stones presented during Enfants Perdus' pre-fall collection Blind to All But the Light' are set with meticulous detail in rich frames of 18 karat gold and sterling silver. The new collection represents the expansion into a new direction by the luxury jewelry house, which is now broadening its experience in jewelry patinas with the play of prismatic colors.

Colorful and lustrous jewelry adorned the jewelry house's Manhattan showroom last Thursday as the New York based company presented select pieces from the new collection.

The new pieces included gothic and snake detailing with pieces cut from tiger's eye, amazonite, obsidian, crimson jasper, snake lepidolite, spice agate, and clear quartz. The combination of colors of the luxurious stones used painted a rainbow across the display, accented with large hanging canvases of abstract depictions of color and light. Several of the collection's pieces were carved from stone on a massive scale as well, presenting pieces of wearable art up to ten inches long.

The pieces are expected to arrive in stores by holidays, and are also available online at the Enfants Perdus online shop.

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