Exclusive Smoke Dampers guarantee Pollution Free Environment

- In an air-conditioned building, the air distribution happens via the duct installed throughout the building. In an unlikely event of fire developing, the passages of the duct will spread fire faster than in any other circumstances. Smoke dampers play an essential role in managing the spread. There are dampers that can close automatically to restrict the air flow and the spreading of flames. A smoke damper can be a combination of fire/smoke damper which is meant to open automatically and be controlled by detection of smoke.

The importance of these dampers was not understood by designers or companies 20 years back as much as it is now. The tragic fire accidents that took place from time to time developed the necessity for versatile smoke dampers. But unfortunately even today, the most common material used for insulation inside ducts is Styrofoam which catches fire unimaginably fast. So it is safe to manufacture dampers with fire-resistant materials to allow air to pass through freely, but at the same time block the spreading of flames. Asbestos dampers reduce the risk of fire spreading from one area to another. Designers these days are recommending round smoke dampers rather than rectangular or square ones because the former has a better air-flow and pressure drop performance. More importantly, the installation cost of round dampers is much less than that of square dampers. Since the air-flow is even within the round dampers, the noise level is considerably low. .

Everyone needs to pay attention to their HVAC system to keep away from the risk of inhaling polluted air during the course of the day. Equally important is installing a good quality smoke damper in the house to handle a sudden breakout of fire. Due to poor quality and bad maintenance of dampers, hundreds of lives are lost every year even in developed countries. After all it does not take a big bite on your finance to install a good smoke damper which will let you carry on with your lives without any fear. Maintenance cost is very low and the durability is very high with todays sophistically built smoke dampers. .

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