First-Ever Safe Timeless Anti-Aging BioActive Facelift "Agele" Gears Up To Hit Marketplace

Non-Surgical Facelift Mask that penetrates 7 powerful ingredients into the skin which help you get the exact same results as you would from expensive facelifts and saves you thousands of dollars.

17-October-2013 -

This is the powerful product that Agele has to offer. It combines 7 key ingredients into different formulas which help you get the exact same results as you would from expensive facelifts and youth reversal treatments.

Don't mistake it for an average anti-aging product, the non-surgical BioActive Facelift mask plus our essence serums will help your skin recover from the daily stress that it is under and tone and restructure the deep layers of your skin.

This product was inspired by plants, and the way their natural foliage deals with the passing of time. And as you can plainly see, there is no such thing as a wrinkled plant.

The BioActive Facelift Mask works just like the enzymes and substances present in plants. It penetrates the skin through absorption, and acts at each and every layer of skin that we have.

It first comes into contact with the Stratum Corneum, the surface of the skin, which usually flakes and dries up, but once it comes into contact with the BioActive Facelift Mask, the natural formula hydrates the skin and activates its dormant self-healing mechanisms which not only stop it from drying, but also help it rebuild the lost elasticity of the skin.

It then moves on to the Epidermis, where it encounters the very pigments of the skin. People with skin problems have abnormal skin pigmentation, and when this mask comes into contact with them, it activates and regulates them, equalizing the skin coloration, getting rid of those nasty spots and giving it that long lost luster of youth.

After it is done with the Epidermis, it moves on to the Dermis, where collagen deposits and the elastic fibers reside. Through the natural formulas that it possesses, it activates the full flow of collagen to the skin, tightening it, and restores the lost and damaged elastic fibers that tend to wear off over time. The skin oil production takes place in the Dermis as well, and it is by no means ignored by the BioActive Facelift Mask. What it does is excite the oil secreting glands, causing them to secret more oil thus feeding the skin as much as it really needs.

The BioActive Facelift Mask was developed in the laboratories of Agele, using only the natural elements and formulas present in plants themselves, and the people that developed it are world renowned biologists and doctors with more than 18 years in the field of researched and it is backed up by more than 10 years of successful clinical trials.

It was tested on every single type of skin, every ethnicity, every race, every kind of skin in the world, and out of all those clinical test subjects, an outstanding 95% have reported a massive overall improvement in the way their skin looks and feels.

The overall conclusion was that this product can easily replace expensive surgery, messy treatments and nasty side effects that come with them.

The patient saves thousands of dollars, is spared the hassle and mess that comes with traditional plastic surgery, and does not have to deal with the standard limitations that come after each and every intervention.

Another thing worth noting is the fact that it's made out of natural ingredients, the same ones found in plants from all over the world, meaning that it's almost impossible to develop an allergy to it, so it's safe from this point of view.

In conclusion, it is one of the best alternatives to conventional plastic surgery and treatments, as well as a natural and safe solution to skin aging problems. It is recommended for all ages, from the acne ridden teenagers to the people that are in their golden years, and as long as plants can manage to stay healthy, beautiful and firm until the very last moment, there is no reason that we can't do that as well.

Mission: Agele was founded with the goal of providing nourishing and non-irritating natural and organic skin care formulation for all skin types. The patented technology, BioActive is used in the development of our products. It activates a cell regenerative process which ensures the delivery of ingredients to skin receptors activating the natural moisturizing factors in our body.

Agele skin care system combines timeless herbal formulation with cutting-edge science. Each patent-pending formula contains a minimum of 7 key ingredients designed to help protect and renew your skin in a powerful new way.

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