ForaCare Suisse AG Launches New FORA Diamond Blood Pressure Cuff, Hematocrit Blood Glucose Monitor and iOS/Android Mobile App at the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) Event

A successful showcase of the latest in professional diabetes measurement and consumer blood pressure monitoring technology.

18-October-2013 -

ForaCare Suisse AG, located in St. Gallen, Switzerland, announced today it successfully showcased the latest in professional diabetes measurement and consumer blood pressure monitoring technology at the annual European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) meeting September 23-27, 2013 in Barcelona, Spain.

New products launched by ForaCare at the event include the FORA Diamond Blood Pressure Monitor (FORA Diamond Cuff BP) that offers enhanced patient comfort and faster measurement capabilities, the new iFORA Blood Pressure App (iFORA BP) that allows users to track their morning to night or 7/14/30 day blood pressure trends and share their progress across iOS or Android mobile devices, and the new FORA COMFORT Pro GD40 blood glucose monitor with 5-Electrode Technology, offering the highest clinical accuracy for measurement by minimizing interference from varying hematocrit levels. The FORA COMFORT Pro GD40 is recommended for hospital/clinic settings, neonatal care, gestational diabetes care and other treatments that require tight glycemic control.

ForaCare's booth was designed to offer an interactive experience, using product demonstrations to educate EASD attendees first hand on the innovative yet easy-to-use products for diabetes and related illnesses.

"ForaCare Suisse AG is proud to say that our demonstrations of the FORA Diamond Cuff BP were so successful that several doctors expressed interest in purchasing a cuff directly off the floor," stated Ty-Minh Tan, CEO of ForaCare Suisse AG. "Attendees also appreciated how the iFORA app analyzes trends that will empower patients to better manage their health by identifying activities that lead to glucose variations and to share and celebrate their progress over Facebook or email."

While attendees were learning about the new product offerings, ForaCare experts also explained another important feature already implemented on all FORA and FORA Diamond strips. Advanced Superior Sip In (ASSI) is an enhanced strip technology that builds upon Superior Sip In (SSI) first introduced by ForaCare in 2011. ASSI adds an additional hydrophilic layer to the blood glucose strips, making blood sip-in speed even faster, which increases glucose test precision. Both lay users and professional users will find it easier to apply blood samples which greatly improves the user experience.

Overall, ForaCare Suisse AG showcased to the EASD audience a strong commitment to improving the quality of life for people affected by diabetes and enhancing the ability for doctors to monitor and care for their patients. Attendees and professionals who missed EASD have two upcoming opportunities to learn more about ForaCare' products at the MEDICA World Forum in Dusseldorf, Germany in November 2013 and the Arab Health Congress in Dubai in January 2014.

ForaCare's Commitment to the Highest Measuring Standards: All ForaCare monitoring devices are validated as highly accurate in the industry. FORA Blood Glucose Monitors are validated according to ISO 15197 requirements at an internationally renowned diabetes institute in Ulm, Germany.

ForaCare devices comply with new ISO standards and have completed third party validations:

FORA Diamond strips (for the Diamond series) are clinically validated in Czech and Switzerland and proven to meet the +/- 15% required by the new ISO 15197:2013.

FORA Comfort Pro GD40 (with 5-electrode technology) is clinically validated in Switzerland and proven to meet the +/- 15% required by the new ISO 15197:2013.

About ForaCare Suisse AG: ForaCare provides FDA cleared and CE marked innovative health monitoring devices that provide a simple connection to the FORA system. Our ultimate vision is to employ innovative technologies and services in expanding the scope of total health management platforms and to improve the quality of self-homecare for diabetes and hypertension patients. For more information, please visit

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