Global Financial Training Program Announces Winter 2014 Class Schedule to Own Your Own Finance Business

Global Financial Training Program CEO Phil Dushey announces Winter 2014 schedule for Global’s turnkey program that enables business people to earn a high annual income in the finance business. The program provides students with all the tools and relatio

December 05, 2013 -

Global Financial Training Program ( CEO Phil Dushey announces the Winter 2014 schedule for Global's program that enables business people to earn a high annual income in the finance business. The turnkey program provides students with all the tools and relationships they need to Own Your Own Finance Business by arranging loans to businesses that are routinely turned down by banks in the current economy.

"Within a week of completing our program, graduates are prepared to arrange business loans between $50,000 and $50,000,000 or more to businesses of every type and size regardless of their credit standing, industry or years in business." said Mr. Dushey.

Starting a new business is often an expensive undertaking. While many businesses require an investment surpassing $100,000, Global Financial Training Program provides a highly-respected alternative. "With an investment of less than $20,000, our graduates are completely trained and prepared to launch their new business as a loan broker, regardless of their credit standing, industry, or years in business," said Mr. Dushey. Global Financial Training gives trainees all the tools to arrange loans to businesses across the United States immediately after the four-day training program.

Individuals who take part in the Global Financial Training Program learn how to:

Analyze and fund transactions. Get approved by over 25 National Lenders. Make their phone ring from the first week of training. Work smart to achieve the lifestyle they deserve.

Every attendee receives:

Accommodations at a luxury hotel in the heart of Manhattan's financial center, steps away from Wall Street. 1000 leads to jumpstart their career. Customized website with a professionally designed logo Approval by over 25 National Lenders

Winter 2014 Training Programs Offered:January 2014Monday, January 27th Thursday, January 30th, 2014

February 2014Monday, February 24th- Thursday, February 27th

March 2014Monday, March 24th Thursday, March 27th

Phil Dushey, CEO of Global Financial Training Program, has just been honored in an interview with William Shatner & Doug Llewellyn of nationally syndicated television program Moving America Forward. During the interview, Mr. Dushey was recognized for his success in helping to jump-start businesses across the United States by creating new opportunities for others in the lucrative business of providing loans to businesses. William Shatner's program will be seen by over 15 million people on more than 500 TV stations throughout the country.

Mr. Dushey was also selected to receive the prestigious "Moving America Forward" Award by Retired Rear Admiral Kevin F. Delaney. Global Financial Training was recognized for their outstanding work in helping businesses thrive and grow and for creating jobs for others in this growing industry. This award is given to innovative entrepreneurs that have distinguished themselves in their industry and, as a result, are "Moving America Forward".

"Global Financial Training Program teaches the ins and outs' of this prestigious industry. We connect trainees with a pre-established network of funding sources and enable students to get approval to do business with these lenders," said CEO Phil Dushey. Every student learns to be their own boss, with a complete sense of independence and security, especially important in these tough economic times."

Global Financial also provides over 30 different types of loans, including equipment leasing, working capital, business acquisitions, and real estate and many more. Once trained in this industry, graduates can say "YES" while banks are saying "NO" to 90% of business loan applicants.

About Global Financial Training Program:CEO Phil Dushey brings over 30 years of continuous experience in the commercial finance business to Global Financial Training Program. Commercial lending is considered one of the best businesses in the current economic environment, when banks are saying NO' to 90% of business loan applications.

Global's program trains select students in the field of commercial finance, the business of lending businesses the money they need to survive and grow. Graduates of this four-day program are prepared to "Own Your Own Finance Business."Global Financial Training Program can be reached at 201.633.3010. For more information, visit

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