Happy New Year South Florida, From Bryant Security Corporation

Miami Security Company, Bryant Security, increases safety awareness for New Years festivities in South Florida by offering safety guidelines.

December 31, 2013 -

Happy New Year Florida! Let the count down begin to celebrate the new year, South Florida style. Attracting tourists, and giving locals a reason to celebrate, South Florida offers many choices for NYE Parties, including the Orange Bowl in Fort Lauderdale, touted as one of the largest NYE celebrations in Florida. Miami Security Company, Bryant Security Corporation is issuing NYE safety guidelines to keep in mind, while ringing in the new year.

Florida law enforcement runs a tight ship over New Years. The One Bullet Kills the Party' campaign continued what is now an annual ritual: Warning the public that celebratory gunfire can easily lead to serious injury or death. "Law enforcement agencies are warning the public ahead of New Year's Eve revelry; a night which can often include dangerous 'celebratory' gunfire." says Shay Ben-David, President of Bryant Security. "In addition, drunk driving, is also a major concern for NYE safety. Even if you choose to attend a party at a residence, and not at a nightclub, there are still safety issues that you must keep in mind."

Bryant Security has compiled safety guidelines to keep in mind whether celebrating with the masses, or at a private residence.

1. When having a party at home, it's a good idea to have a list of local cab companies. For people throwing the party, if an accident does occur, it could become the fault of the homeowner who threw the party.

2. Never serve a minor alcohol, even if their parents are present.

4. Be aware of all guests in attendance. And if having a very large party or if there are a number of unfamiliar guests that will be attending, it's a good idea to place valuables in a safe or other locked location during the party.

5. Before having a party, check all of a home's alarm systems are working properly. This includes smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

6. As well as keeping smoke and carbon monoxide detectors working properly, homeowners should also use their security system after going to bed on New Year's Eve. Many criminals believe New Year's Eve is a good time to strike because so many people are out for the evening.

7. Extinguish all candles before ending a party.

8. If venturing out in the masses, be sure to not drink and drive; there are an increased amount of DUI check points over NYE.

9. If in a nightclub, keep your belongings close and don't leave handbags and purses unattended.

10. Keep an eye on your drink if at a crowded party. You never know who is watching you.

For more safety tips, information on home security systems, or how to stay safe this NYE, please call Bryant Security at 305-405-4001.

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