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Haverland is a UK based company involved in the research, development and innovation of energy efficient electric heaters. The products of the company are marketed in over 30 countries.

United Kingdom; 01, November 2014: - The winter months might be fun with snowfall around and jackets to wear. However, extreme cold temperature tends to cause physical discomfort and may lead to cough, cold and other diseases. It is not possible to control the outside temperature. However, anyone is welcome to manage whats going inside the house and different rooms through haverland electric radiators. Haverland is UK based business with over 40 years of experience in manufacturing energy efficient systems.

The specially designed electric radiators and heaters allow maximum heat transfer. Every electric heater by Haverland is equipped with an electronic PID managed thermostat. It allows the user to control temperatures and periods for best possible energy efficient heating. These cutting edge technology products can adjust to different needs. At the same time, there are no ugly pipes visible throughout the house. These are stylish looking and easy to install modern machines. There is no hassle in setting up, using and controlling these user-friendly electric radiators.

The flagship product of Haverland can perform the essential functions as a sole electric heater. Similarly, it can be incorporated into a fully fledged electric central heating system for home and business. It features injected aluminium construction which are heated up fast and simple to regulate. Consequently, the energy bills arent hard on the budget and the user is able to make savings. These products are categorized into ceramic radiators, fluid filled radiators and dry stone radiators. Ceramic and dry stone radiators are useful options if the user needs 24 hours of continuous warmth and comfort.

Electric towel rails are also one of the offerings of the heating solutions provider. It could bring the benefit of warmth in the bathroom. Apart from warming the towels, it helps in heating the whole bathroom. Although the wall mounted radiators might be fitting the walls of the bathroom, electrical towel rails can be provide good support. As a result, the winter months would be fun and comforting instead of harsh with cost effective heating solutions.

Presently, the UK Company caters to the needs of customers in Europe, UK, North America, South America, Scandinavia etc. It also supplies to varied locations in China, Japan and Russia. The experience covers a comprehensive range of heating solutions in domestic and business set ups. It goes to show how the product quality is accepted and respected worldwide. The company strives to achieve success through hard work and providing high quality, user- friendly and energy efficient heating solutions. It is passionate to deliver as per customer requirements.

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Haverland specializes in manufacturing and supplying variety of energy efficient products. It offers bathroom heaters, electric radiators, and electric towel rails. It focuses on delivering quality, comfort, design and savings for customers. Visit the website for more information.<

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