Helicon Books Assists Publishers in Choosing Most Effective Digital Books Platforms

Publishers moving from print to digital still need help understanding the difference between applications and open and "close", or proprietary technology. Helicon Books' CEO, Ori Idan offers insight and advice for publishers looking to move into digital p

March 18, 2014 - Technology company, Helicon Books has today published a guide to breaking into digital platforms aimed at publishing companies. The guide, posted on Helicon Books' blog by company CEO, Ori Idan provides insight for publishers at all stages of adopting digital book technology.

The article argues that publishers focusing on retail issues alone are ignoring the critical question of reading options and the choice of technologies available on the market. The article weighs up the benefits of open and proprietary technologies.

Publishers wishing to move to digital must first choose a format. A book converted into EPUB open standard may grant the publisher greater distribution flexibility, including a wider variety of download, pricing and payment term options. The reader also has a greater choice of apps on which to enjoy the book.

Idan says: "Many publishing houses find themselves trying to figure out which way the wind is blowing regarding the future of technology for digital books. We want to help them make crucial decisions about which type of technology to adopt to secure the most effective move from print to digital."

The article examines how open technology is widely available to any user, allowing updates to happen simultaneously and the owner to retain full control of the published book while opening up more sales options.

Idan concludes: "Understanding the technology behind reading applications is key for understanding the digital books market. The reading apps that dominate the market and unite reading communities will dictate the conversion format of the future. A deeper understanding of open or close technology is crucial to understanding the future of digital books."

The digital books market has gained momentum over the past five years and is prospering in some countries, but is still to be adopted worldwide. Helicon Books' article considers some of the economic and technological factors behind this and aims to help publishers choose the best format for their books.

About Helicon Books

Ori Idan, CEO of Helicon Books (http://www.heliconbooks.com) is an open standards expert and former manager of the Israeli W3C office, today an IDPF member.

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