HJ uploaded 2 new weight loss videos about losing 30 pounds

HJ has just uploaded 2 new weight loss videos, all about losing 30 pounds fast, even losing 60 lbs in a few months.

- HJ has just uploaded 2 new weight loss videos, all about losing 30 pounds fast , even losing 60 lbs in a few months

In the first video HJ explains the logics of losing 30 pounds in a. for women. She explains exactly how many calories need to be burned for dropping a pound, and how to create a daily caloric deficit. Her video is really precise as the women who will watch it will learn exactly how many calories their body consumes in a day, how many calories they must eat daily and how big their caloric deficit must be in order to lose 30 pounds in a month.

One thing HJ tells in her video: her small video explains the fact that to drop 30 lbs in 1 month, women must lose 1 pound per day, and she breaks that down and explains how losing 1 pound per day can be achieved. Her weight loss video can be watched in this: http://youtu.be/X2bndHpAJFw

Her second video explains in detail a trick HJ used and recommended for women who wanted to lose 60 pounds of fat. HJ recommends doing a morning workout, in fact in her video she shares for free a workout that if done first thing in the morning, burns over 300 calories and makes weight loss even more easier.

The workout she recommends for doing every morning for fast weight loss is a workout based on cardio, but also squats, linges and pushups, exercises that tone the muscles, and even though in 20 minutes the workout burns 300 calories, over the next few days, because of the after burn effect, the body burns some more calories, aproximatly 100 calories per day, for the 2 days following the the 1st original workout day. Because of this this workout is really great and if done every single day can easily help women lose close to 60 pounds in a few months.

Her second video can be watched in this url: http://youtu.be/kzhV06XkFmc

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