Infinite Monkeys Names Westborough Ratepayers WMC as Mobile App Of The Week for December 22nd - 28th

Westborough Ratepayers WMC is a great example of how organizations are using the Infinite Monkeys drag and drop app maker tool to create incredible mobile apps for the iPhone, Android and HTML5 Smartphones.

January 02, 2014 -

Infinite Monkeys, has announced today that Westborough Ratepayers WMC is the company's "App Of The Week" for December 22nd - 28th.

Each week Infinite Monkeys selects one app from the thousands published with their free app maker platform. This app was chosen because it is a great example of the quality, beauty and usefulness that mobile apps can bring to a traditional community.

With more than 1 Billion smartphones now active in the world, and 84% of those users accessing the Internet via their smartphone everyday, the base of potential mobile fans for Westborough Ratepayers WMC is massive and growing by the day. It was this potential that motivated Infinite Monkeys to create a free drag-and-drop app builder platform that allows anyone to create an app without having to hire a mobile agency for thousands of dollars, or learn how to do coding.

Westborough Ratepayers WMC and thousands of other small businesses, blogs, sports teams and community groups selected the Infinite Monkeys app maker platform to create and launch their mobile app for Android, iPhone and over 5,000 different models of HTML5 compatible smartphones.

In a recent interview about building the Westborough Ratepayers WMC app, John Scott, developer of the app, told Infinite Monkeys the following about their experience entering the app economy:

Infinite Monkeys: Why did you decide to go mobile?

John: We decided that we need an app to complement our website, as it seems like everyone owns a mobile device these days.

Infinite Monkeys: How did you find Infinite Monkeys?

John: We found Infinite Monkeys via Google search for app building websites. We took a look and tried a few others first before deciding yours is easiest to use.

Infinite Monkeys: What impact do you think it would have on your community with this mobile app you've built?

John: As we are a community based club, we hope that our customers will have all the information they need about us at their fingertips, so they will always know what events we have are coming up.

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About Infinite Monkeys

Infinite Monkeys is a self-serve drag-and-drop platform that enables anyone to create a mobile app for iPhone, Android & HTML5 smartphones - without any coding. With three pricing options, from free to just $99, Infinite Monkeys brings custom mobile apps within the reach of small businesses, schools and community groups. By servicing the long-tail of niche interests with free and low-cost apps, Infinite Monkeys was named one of the Top10 Internet Startups of 2013 and aims to be the largest DIY publisher of mobile apps in the world.

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About Westborough Ratepayers WMC

Westborough Ratepayers WMC is a new mobile app available for Android, iPhone and HTML5 compatible smartphones. It is the mobile presence of the Westborough Ratepayers WMC community- and was created with the Infinite Monkeys mobile appmaker tool.

To download the Westborough Ratepayers WMC app for your mobile phone, go to:

To learn more about Westborough Ratepayers WMC please visit:

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