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When choosing a private investigation agency, clients must look for a variety of different characteristics to ensure that they get the timely case resolution they seek.

Gilbert, AZ - When choosing a private investigation agency, clients must look for a variety of different characteristics to ensure that they get the timely case resolution they seek. Investigative Knights is the premier private investigation agency in Phoenix, Arizona, and their high quality services exemplify these very characteristics.

One of the first things that a client should look for when choosing a private investigation agency is whether or not that agency is duly licensed. Regional and state requirements may vary. Investigative Knights ( ensures that their agency always has the required licenses they need to conduct their investigations thoroughly, efficiently, and legally. Unlicensed private investigation firms may even open their clients up to legal liability. Theres no need to risk that when there are reputable firms like Investigative Knights available.

The second thing that potential clients should determine is whether or not the agency is dedicated to ethical investigative practices. Investigative Knights investigators know that the best results are those which are obtained by ethical, legal methods, and they do not deviate from that philosophy. In contrast to what the movies would have audiences believe, ethical investigations actually result in the most solid evidence; playing the maverick is usually a waste of the investigators time, as well as the clients.

The third thing that clients should look for is experience. Private investigation is a talent, an art, and a skill, and it is developed with time and experience. Investigative Knights team members have a combined sixty years of investigative experience thanks to backgrounds in law enforcement as both officers and detectives. This law enforcement background also has supplement the Investigative Knights teams knowledge of laws and legality to help ensure that their investigations stay on the right side of the law.

Fourth, clients should determine whether or not the agency takes the type of case that the client needs investigated. Investigative Knights takes all types of private investigation cases: they accept personal cases, which could include investigating a partner to see if he or she is unfaithful, searching for a missing person, or locating a runaway. They accept business cases, conducting surveillance to see if employees are stealing, and providing background checks on current and prospective employees. They also take cases for insurance companies, to determine if accident or injury fraud, property fraud, or other types of deceit are taking place. Investigative Knights even counts law offices amongst its satisfied clients, conducting investigations to aid in legal cases.

Finally, clients should hire an agency that is communicative and response. Investigative Knights lead case agents are always available to the clients to whom they are assigned, providing regular updates on the status of their investigations.

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