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The "14 basic wedding photo tips" article on the website Vkool guides people on how to take amazing photos and edit photos like a pro.

December 17, 2013 -

In the "14 basic wedding photo tips" article on the site Vkool.com, the writer uncovers practical tips and techniques to capture and edit nice wedding photos. The writing is divided into 2 main parts. In part 1, the writer discusses wedding photography tips. Firstly, people must visit ideal places for taking wedding photos. A wedding photo will look more stunning if the background is a beautiful landscape. Next, when designing a wedding photo, people should pay attention to small details such as the wedding rings, the bridegroom's shoes, the table setting and the flowers. Besides, to become a professional photographer, a person must understand the expectations of couples to achieve certain agreements on price, location, wedding dress and suit, and so on. In addition, the article reveals advanced wedding photo taking tips. People can use different cameras with different lenses in order to create creative wedding poses. People can shoot in RAW. This technique allows people to manipulate exposure and white balance easily. Moreover, people can learn some other simple yet amazing tips and tricks to create natural wedding photographs. For example, people can forget some photography techniques and focus on creating natural poses and natural facial expressions.

In section 2, the writer provides more advanced wedding photo techniques, including some instructions to edit wedding photos. To create a professional wedding shot, people have to use good cameras, have a basic knowledge of photography, understand basic photography terms, and understand functions such as exposure, contrast and brightness. The writer specially describes the effects of Highlight in photography. People sometimes capture great shots but sometimes they take highlight photos. People should know how to improve balanced highlights to balance out the brides white dress or facial patterns. For example, people can use the Camera Raw to fix imbalanced light areas. If people use Lightroom, they need to bush them with the Adjustment Brush tool and set Exposure at +0.3. There are various tips the writer reveals with step-by-step instructions through this part. At the end of the article, the writer shows the most important tips to edit wedding photos. People can learn how to master basic photo editing tools such as the Lasso tool, Brush tool, Dodge tool, Burn tool and Blend mode layer.

Mai Hoang from the site Vkool.com says that: "This article contains practical wedding photo tips. If you are a newbie in this interesting industry, you should not miss these tips. I highly recommend this article to people and hope that these 14 basic wedding photo tips will be useful for you to start your new job and lead you to success."

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