Left Brain Digital Acquires The Accidental President Trilogy For Web Series

Politicians give us plenty of useable material, and we have no intention of playing favorites. This series is going to be completely bi-partisan, mocking both sides of the aisle with equal enthusiasm.

October 11, 2013 - Nashville's Left Brain Digital Productions has acquired the worldwide television and digital media rights to the critically acclaimed Accidental President Trilogy by Dixie Swanson. In addition to the book rights, Left Brain Digital has also acquired the television rights to Swanson's popular and irreverent blog material.

With the stunning success of their web series, Johnny Dynamo, Joe Thomas, executive producer and CEO of Left Brain Digital says The Accidental President is the perfect next project for the emerging production company. "I've been a Dixie Swanson fan for quite a while, and this is a project that has all the elements we were looking for as a follow up to Johnny Dynamo".

Swanson's trilogy tells the offbeat story of Abby Adams, an ER doctor who is thrust into the most unique position of being sworn in as the first female President of the United States. Far from perfect and totally non-political, Swanson's fictional President approaches the Office with a wisdom that only an Average-Jane could possess.

Thomas, who is co-writing the series with Dennis Mareno, says The Accidental President, is definitely a comedy, but there's going to be a real message for viewers. "We're going to hit politics over the head with a little common sense. When you look at how screwed up the political machine really is, a little common sense might actually go a long way".

For Dixie Swanson, writing The Accidental President was as liberating as it was therapeutic. Swanson, a former pediatrician, was diagnosed with systemic lupus several years ago. An avid reader and history buff, Swanson says "Politics is as dysfunctional as living with lupus, both make you miserable, but at least politics can make you laugh".

Pre-production has already kicked off and with a production budget just north of $440,000.00 The Accidental President promises to be a full-frontal assault on everyday politics as we know it.

"Let's be honest," Thomas said. "Our politicians give us plenty of useable material, and we have no intention of playing favorites."

The Accidental President begins shooting in Nashville in early November.

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