MedReviews Releases HGH and Phytoceramides Study Results

The consumer review website MedReviews recently released the findings of an exclusive HGH study.


North Charleston, South Carolina The consumer review website MedReviews recently released the findings of an exclusive HGH study. During the study, participants used HGH supplements over a one month period. The new MedReviews human growth hormone study aimed to identify which supplements were most effective and produced the least side effects.

Throughout the study, MedReviews dividing HGH supplements among two groups: those who wanted anti aging results and those who were bodybuilding. These two groups represent the majority of interest in HGH supplements. Anti aging movements have rapidly expedited the demand for HGH therapy, although most people are now seeking a non-injection method with less or no side effects. The study concluded that the side effects associated with HGH injection therapy were not present in HGH supplement use.

This analysis supports the generally accepted notion that supplements are safer making these products at par with phytoceramides . HGH injections produce side effects that can include the bodys decrease or halt of natural growth hormone production, jaw and eyebrow deformity, heart defects, and possibly cancer.

Natural HGH supplements act very differently from injections. While injections boost the growth hormone from the outside, supplements boost it from inside focusing and enhancing on bodys own endocrine potential to get the most benefits out of HGH. They increase natural production of HGH in the body and are much safer than injections,said Christopher Hartford of MedReviews.

Over a one month period, the surveys participants noted benefits of HGH supplements that included increased lean muscle, better sleep, increased libido, stronger nails and hair, firmer skin, and increased energy. Hartford said about the findings, To further guarantee success with HGH, consumers best bet would be to go for a HGH supplement that is clinically tested and tried under strict medical provisions. We have used only medically studied supplements in our survey. You can read our special report, Myths And Facts Of HGH Side Effects, and full list of HGH benefits. Visit for more information.

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