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The modern and classy Cityscape Coffee Table need is available at Annandale Interiors – Australia's premium furniture retailer.

- For those are not too sure what a Chinese Coffee Table is, it an extremely elegantly wooden (usually heavy), ornate short, small and rectangular table that is usually placed in the middle of a room. Come, let us examine why the Chinese Coffee Table has become such a rage and a much sought after item at Annandale interiors.

In days gone by, the Chinese made a special small, rectangular squat table that was used to serve tea on. The richer folks had a more elaborately made wooden table replete with rich carvings and decorations inlaid with copper, brass, silver, gold or ivory (depending on the status of the individual or family). On the longer of the rectangular sides (or on all sides depending on the number of guests), elegant mats were placed on the floor. The poorer families had ornate coffee tables made from bamboo. They might not have been inlaid with precious metals or ivory but they were no less decorative and elegant.

Once the guests were seated, the tea tray would be placed in the centre of the table and would be ritually served by the host. The modern and classy Chinese Coffee table hasn't changed much but functionality in the form of felt lined drawers have been added. So you can store cutlery items in the drawers. Of course, you could store anything else and not necessarily use the table just for tea or coffee. In fact, you could use it for anything else you had in mind. And of course, the Chinese Coffee table is not called Coffee table but was originally the Chinese tea table (as opposed to the European Tea Table), and is now called the Coffee table because in the west, coffee rather than tea is linked to tradition.

The modern and classy Chinese Coffee Table need is also available at Annandale Interiors Australia's premium furniture retailer. See here: The modern and classy Chinese coffee table as sold at Annandale Interiors is rectangular but it need not also be so. While being broadly rectangular in shape, it can also be carved into other shapes and you could have one custom designed and monogrammed too imagine a heavy, ornate Chinese coffee table with your monogram in Gold or Silver in the middle of the table now wouldn't that be a power statement to behold?

These days many Australians have opted for a formal coffee table in their living room. These coffee tables are a bit higher but nevertheless lower than the normal living room centre pieces. A Chinese ornate coffee table with brass, copper, silver or gold inlays would go very well in a traditionally styled home and room especially one with traditional furniture and the Chinese Coffee table would be the centre of attraction.

Modern Online Furniture being sold at Annandale Interiors is made from solid wood, has Mahogany dark brown polish, ornate design and elegant inlays. It has 6 drawers, is 150 x 100 x 40cm and can be seen here:<

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