New PayPal Coupon Codes Released for November has been preparing for the busy holiday season, which includes Black Friday. To ensure the site is able to maintain the higher amounts of traffic, upgrades have been made to the front and back of the website.

31, October 2014 - has been preparing for the busy holiday season, which includes Black Friday. To ensure the site is able to maintain the higher amounts of traffic, upgrades have been made to the front and back of the website. As a result, shoppers are expected to have a higher-end experience.

Since the completion of the upgrades on the coupon website, a significant increase of site traffic has been seen. Additionally, more PayPal promo codes have been added to ensure people will be able to obtain discounts for a number of top online retailers. PayPal offers such coupons and codes as for eBay, Macys, and many others.

Im always counting on finding PayPal coupons on the website. Its easy to find the coupons and I know that they will be valid, comments Sarina, a couponer out of Miami, Florida. The site has been evolving for years and its my go-to site for saving money.

The PayPal coupons that are offered by are comparable to the trends within the coupon industry. After the recession, more people than ever are cost conscious and react by looking for coupons and online deals. In 2010, there were more than 7 million Americans using mobile coupons on their smartphones and this number tripled in 2012 and for 2014, it is expected to be at over 47 million. Although the economy is turning around, more Americans are looking for discounts and more than $800 million is saved annually across the nation as a result of using online promotions and coupons.

Many of the coupons promoted through are designed to provide a savings of a dollar amount or a percentage. It is very unusual for the site to offer coupons that are for very specific items. This is as a result of research where polls have demonstrated that approximately one-third of consumers will not use a coupon if they have to purchase multiple items.

Further, coupons have expiration dates. The PayPal promo codes provided on are programmed with expirations so they will be removed from the site automatically. This ensures that consumers will not be able to access deals that have already expired. Approximately 20 percent of coupon cutting individuals say that the coupon policies are confused and the website does what they can to help shed some light on the policies. CEO and founder, Jesus Sanchez, does a lot of research about couponing trends. We have built our site based upon the demands of consumers. We feature a search bar as well as the way to sort discounts and deals by popularity, most viewed, as well as by expiration. This ensures people can find the PayPal coupon codes that are most important to them, Sanchez says. We have seen a lot of growth on our site as it pertains to PayPal along with eBay and other top retailers. The eBay section alone has more than 20,000 consumers on the site a month. The deals can be found instantly and we pride ourselves on this fact.

People who are interested in finding PayPal coupons can do so by going directly to the website. The coupons have descriptions and a link that will take them to the site where the deal exists. The deals listed on the site are the most current and accurate as possible. This is done as a result of the site receiving emails directly from PayPal, eBay, and the other top retailers. Jesus Sanchez works with freelancers who will then update the site, program the codes, and ensure that the site is up-to-date as quickly as possible.

About offers a wide range of coupons and promo codes from top retailers across the internet and throughout the country. The online couponing site can be used on mobile phones and with the click of a button, people can begin saving money. The amount of money that can be saved varies by consumer, however many shoppers are saving hundreds of dollars throughout the year. The websites goal is to become the premier coupon site on the internet by the end of 2015. The coupon codes are updated regularly and are presented with a link to ensure people know how to get the deals instantly from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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