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The Pro-Lite Blaster 2 Alloy Pickleball Paddle from Pro-Lite Sports has been added to the product database on, showing detailed specifications including size, construction, deflection tests, and decibel rating. Compare Pro-Lite paddles with

December 05, 2013 -

The Pro-Lite Blaster 2 Alloy Pickleball Paddle is an exceptional combination of balance, power, and accuracy and has been added to the online database of products on An online resource available to all pickleball players, offers detailed product information, product comparison, ratings and reviews, and locations to play pickleball.

The Pro-Lite Blaster 2 Alloy paddle is handcrafted in the US, well balanced, and engineered for high performance by Pro-Lite Sports. The Blaster 2 Alloy is produced with a new aluminum core and fiberglass face, offering players a softer feel with the power of a composite paddle. The Blaster 2 Alloy comes in a wide selection of colors, and has a larger butt cap on the grip.

The retail price for the Pro-Lite Blaster 2 Alloy Pickleball Paddle is $70, and is now available at

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About Pro-Lite SportsIn business for over 25 years, Pro-Lite Sports is a proud company that is highly involved with Pickleball around the nation. Their wide variety of paddles helps fit all styles of players from beginner to advanced. Pro-Lite has some of the most balanced paddles in the industry, and was the first company to produce a composite Pickleball paddle.

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