Protect Your Privacy, Your Money and Your Children from Internet Risks

Award-winning Malware Scanner In Dubai and free Malware Removal In Dubai now includes new privacy features to keep your data private.

- With increasing use of Internet, cyber criminals find new ways to attack the unsuspecting to steal money, personal information and your identity users. If you use the Internet regularly, either for shopping and banking or consulting social media, your PC needs more than a simple antivirus.

In 2013, the independent testing laboratory AV-Comparatives gave its award for "Product of the Year" Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 The latest version of Kaspersky Internet Security is based on this success and offers even more innovative technologies that protect your privacy, your identity, your money and your children; all without slowing down your PC. Add an additional layer of security for online shopping and banking operations prevents phishing attacks and makes it easier to protect your children from inappropriate web content, sexual predators and other Internet threats. In addition, the new webcam technology protection prevents criminals from using your webcam to spy on you and your environment.

The award-winning Security Systems in Dubai from Kaspersky Lab is known for their ability to address new and emerging threats. Independent testing has shown that our technologies assisted cloud help us identify new threats in just 0.02 seconds. Kaspersky Lab is the first choice for real-time updates and new extremely fast defense against malware and other elements threats offered.

Although it is necessary to ensure that your PC (besides the valuable information you store in it) is fully protected, it is not advisable to have security software that affects their performance and not allow you to fully enjoy Internet.<

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