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Florida based Lloyd Industries is the best manufacturer of these dampers that have helped hundreds of people feel safe inside homes.

19-10-2014 - Around the world these days, the awareness about HVAC dampers helps a lot in minimizing fire accidents. A fire/smoke damper is a protective shield that saves people from getting hurt and takes them to absolute safety. There is no escape from fire if it cant be stopped from spreading from one place to another. That is exactly what a fire/smoke damper does with a lot of ease.

Florida based Lloyd Industries is the best manufacturer of these dampers that have helped hundreds of people feel safe inside homes. Models such as AC-20AF, AC-40, AC-10, etc., are being used widely in big commercial centers and townships to control fire and smoke at the time of fire. Fixing a damper in its respective slot on the HVAC system is a very meticulous task and so, summoning a technician from Lloyd Industries is the wise thing to do. The heat sensors present in a building initially sense the heat arising out of fire and trigger the fire/smoke damper mechanism. The primary function of a fire damper is to shut all the passages on the duct assembly to stop fire from showing its presence in other areas. This situation allows people to get themselves to safety without experiencing any hassle. Smoke is as dangerous to a human body as fire, especially if it develops out of any bad chemical or toxic substance that has come in contact with fire. The situation should be compromised immediately to eliminate the possibility of lung infections or even deaths. The swift action of smoke damper to shut the openings in the duct will easily avoid a likely catastrophe.

Fire/smoke dampers can also be activated by fire alarms. While manual dampers have to be activated by hand, motorized dampers get activated automatically when a situation develops. has a display of a wide variety of fire/smoke dampers, along with proper specifications for people to choose. Normally, the HVAC dampers are reasonably priced by Lloyd Industries to maintain a permanent customer base.

Such as exercising a lot of care while buying fire/smoke dampers, enough concern should also be shown to maintain them from time to time. An improperly maintained damper will definitely fail the owner at times of need and develop adverse impacts. In conclusion, a fire/smoke damper is the only lifeline a person can cling onto for an easy escape, when there is fire around.

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