SNAP STITCH Upcoming Application on iTunes, Android and Windows Stores

Create virtual personalized embroidery designs on your Smart phone!

- Create virtual personalized embroidery designs on your Smart phone!

The application SNAP STITCH, has officially launched on the iTunes Store and Android and Windows versions will follow.

SNAP STITCH is the first of its kind, enabling art lovers and fashion enthusiasts to craft their own virtual embroidery creations through their own hand held devices. As more and more users access the SNAP STITCH application, SNAP STITCH will be adding more and more features in the months to come.

On design, the application has a completely user-friendly interface, fully aligned and embedded within the design guidelines.

On creativity, it will inspire its users to create their own artistic embroidery designs and impressions from existing images on their devices or from new ones taken anywhere with the devices camera

On usability, SNAP STITCH enables users to apply their SNAP STITCHed Images for both personal and commercial purposes (gift cards, bookmarks, clothing and the list goes on!)

Application Features :

  • 3 Types of Stitches:
    1. Cross Stitch (X)
    2. Whip Stitch Right (/)
    3. Whip Stitch Left ()
  • Colour Option for Virtual Thread
  • View and Save SNAP STITCHed Images
  • Email & Print Options
  • Date on which SNAP STITCHed Images were completed

SNAP STITCH is now available for FREE world-wide! So what are you waiting for? Download the application and start creating your own fun, artistry and realistic embroidery designs!

Please visit our website for more information regarding application areas, screen view, and videos.

SNAP STITCH as a concept was developed by an individual who firmly believes in the sharing and utilization of beautiful things that will bring joy to ones life and the lives of others, and what is more beautiful than people sharing their own creations in Cross Stitch!

The SNAP STITCH application was developed by Hidden Brains, an award-winning web and mobile development company founded in 2002.

Company Name: Concept Earth


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