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13/02/2020 - The nail art has slowly emerged as a very dominating form of accessorizing your nail. This art is very creative. To nail art you can use nail polish, acrylic powder, nail brushes, glitters, gel and many more. The acrylic gel is a very essential part of nail paint and it has bold colors and long-lasting structure. The nail polish and gel comes in different colors. You can easily buy any type of nail art product like gel, glitter by nail supply.

Nowadays, girls like Unas Mexicanas design for nail art amongst the all. In this article, you are going to know about some designs that you will surely love.

Best design of Nails Mexicanas nail art

3D nail art: 3D nail art is a new design and not all people can flawlessly achieve it. This type of nail art is best for the party and for special occasions. This design is quite tough because of its 3D design with flowers. You can use a different color of flower and gel as well.

Graffiti nail paint: this is another design of Mexican nail art that you can use easily. To make a graphite design you can take 2 or 3 nail paint colors and make a unique design. You can add some stone and gel to make it beautiful. This is also the best design of Unas Mexicanas

White glitter with animal paint: there are varieties of animal print designs that are available and you can easily make it. You can be easily created with the help of thick base color after applying gel to create a design of your choice. People also use red and green combinations to make animal print nail art design.

Leopard print nail art: to make this design you require more time. In this nail art, you need to apply base color first on your nail to avoid smudging and then make the design. After completion your design keeps it dry and now you will have the best design for nails. You can easily get all the things and designs from the nail supply.

Nail art with glitter: the glitter nail art is best and perfect for many events and it can match a variety of great attire. You can make a design that you want.

In the market, most nail supplies are available so you can select the best which offers all nail art products. Make best and beautiful nail art and impress everyone in the party or any occasion. For more info visit

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