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Spin Rewriter 5.0 was launched in October 2014 and created by Aaron Sustar. This software automates the SEO component in content writing....

30, October 2014 - Spin Rewriter 5.0 was launched in October 2014 and created by Aaron Sustar. This software automates the SEO component in content writing so that copy writers can increase the search potential of every page they write for their sites, for better search engine results.

Its creator, Aaron Sustar, declares that Spin Rewriter 5.0 produces high quality, readable content. The software doesnt produce original articles by going over the original article on a word for word basis to suggest suitable word replacements. Rather, it analyzes the article to get an understanding of the text and the spinner makes use of a database of synonyms for phrases and words based on its understanding of the actual article so that it can create spun versions.

Advanced Features and Benefits

A new article can be imported by a user by entering a keyword to get many relevant articles that can be used to spin articles. The software also has an advanced technology for extracting word meaning and selection of suitable synonyms as well as an advanced grammar and spelling checker. It can make an intelligent reorder of paragraphs and lists. This creates better sentence structure manipulation so that spun articles are intelligent, sensible and high in quality.

Spin Rewriter 5.0 guarantees to be 80% faster and to have an easy to use interface. Users also have the added benefit of importing related videos to a keyword and being able to pull these videos to be inserted into the spun version.

To get a Spin Rewriter 5.0, a user will need to subscribe on an annual or monthly basis for content writing. There is also the option to get the service for a lifetime for users who do not wish to be bothered by subscriptions.

To check the product, Spin Rewriter 5.0 has a 5 day free trial. In celebration of its launch, the company also offers an upgraded article writing software and an early subscription discounted price. A purchase of the software entitles a user to the Spin Rewriter Word Press plug-in during the promo period.

This smart software can be a godsend to all internet marketers who need fresh content regularly. With the discounts and special offers, purchase of the Spin Rewriter 5.0 is certainly a big advantage that is not to be missed. A customer also gets a free video tutorial along with a host of other support materials with every purchase.

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