Sponads launches new flat rate advertising network.

A new advertising platform has been launched by Sponads. Sponads will provide a flat rate advertising and sponsoring opportunity to sponsor or sell ads on websites.

Baroda, Gujarat, India, 01/03/2009 - Sponads launches a new, flat rate advertising network, providing services with tried and true, proven methods.

Sponads announced its launch of an advertising network to fulfill the flat rate advertising needs of advertisers as well as giving publishers a steady revenue source that they can count on. The basic fundamentals of flat rate advertising are strong and sponsoring of advertising space is in use from very early stages of the internet.

Sponads says that the benefit of a flat rate advertising campaign is that one never overspends on the campaigns. It gives the flexibility to make an estimate of costs and the kind of exposure a company product or service might get in return. Publishers do benefit by monetizing their unsold ad spots. Publishers also earn a flat rate payment for every spot that gets sponsored on their site. Sponads just facilitates the process by providing publishers the ease of putting a banner space for sale and then having no more hassles whatsoever.

New partnership ventures are in progress and company is actively seeking to join hands with other networks to gain more flexibility for its advertisers and publishers. There has been extensive progress and we have seen positive response from the market. Sponads will be making a decision as soon as it is satisfied with the terms and returns that its users would get from the affiliation.

Sponads says that their network is live at http://www.sponads.com and a bonus of 20% additional advertising exposure on initial deposit has been added by the Sponads staff. Advertisers looking for a low maintenance alternative with full benefits, there is also an option where Sponads staff runs their campaign with reports viewable from the user control panel.

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