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If you are an avid follower of racing, you would know that AKA has dismissed Martin Bayer from their list of sponsored drivers.

30, October 2014 - If you are an avid follower of racing, you would know that AKA has dismissed Martin Bayer from their list of sponsored drivers. This happened right after IFMAR Worlds in Italy when Bayer decided to go with Pro-line tires rather that AKA rubber in the finals where he ended up in 5th place.

This drives home the truth that sponsorship is a business. Many individuals have wondered how they can possibly be sponsored. If you really want to know, you can only be sponsored if you have already won in a big race. A sponsored driver gets free equipment on top of getting paid for winning a race and placing the sponsor's name in the winning circle. You should check out the gear that has the most potential for winning such as those used by professionals in National and World racing events.

Perhaps this makes it better for you to understand why it it's disappointing when a sponsored driver decides not to use a sponsor's equipment and then win, crediting the performance to something he didn't really use. After all, people do want to know what brands lead in these racing events. It happens frequently, though, that drivers use brands other than their sponsor's and win, giving credit to the sponsor's product without merit.

The question then would be, "Is this fair?" You may say that that's reality but some may feel strongly about it and say it isn't fair. But many believe that a sponsored driver should use the brand he is associated with (after all he is getting paid for it, right?) whether he wins or loses. A driver would argue that this will make him lose his sponsorship should he disclose to the public what gear he actually uses. But then, he can always use information on the race to give them feedback so that they can make improvements to their products.

A sponsored driver is, after all, advertising a product and there should be truth in advertising. By not being candid about the gear a sponsored driver actually uses is a disservice to people who purchase RC equipment, not to mention the company paying him to represent their brand.

Winning matters to racers so they buy the best gear and RC consumers who believe they are getting their money's worth from products that perform best. That being said, sponsored drivers should be truthful about the gear and equipment they actually use.

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