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2FA, Inc. provides advance software authentication solutions that span multiple markets; including Contactless Windows logo, iClass authentication, healthcare and public sector.

- 2FA one executes risk-based authentication commonly known as RBA in the operating system and many other accessible applications. This is much unique and different from the RBA that is generally used to safeguard numerous online accounts access mainly financial websites wherein the interested user is needed to enter their username and password in the first place. After this process the RBA engine cross checks if a risk of security exists and by the triggering of risk, the user to is prompted to answer few of the many earlier chosen private security questions before the granting of the access to secured account information. 2FA one puts forward a like Risk-Based Authentication Windows or Shared Workstation logon or while the application access when mixed with single sign-on (SSO).

We actually need to know that how does RBA work with 2FA one. RBA consists of a software token element which is made up of a number of significant factors which mainly are the information of the user, the network information, the positive device identification (which is basically the device forensics, the user pattern investigation and the user binding), the user profiling and the high-risk challenge questions. The in use technology is basically taken into consideration as one of the least safeguarded methods of authentication because of the simplicity of mainly social engineering the answers to the asked response question. Also, when put forward rightly RBA can be as safe as any other strong form of authentication.

2FA also offers supreme services like the OTP authentication, the fingerprint authentication, the biometrics finger print and the citrix fast connect authentications. We need to know that how exactly does the fingerprint biometrics work with 2FA one.2FA one finger print biometrics procedure matches a well-known fingerprint template with it that is given by a user at the time of the authentication request.

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