The Best Golf Balls of 2013 and What to Look Forward to in 2014

The Pros at take a look back at the Best Golf Balls launched in 2013 and preview golf balls that will launch in 2014.

December 31, 2013 -

2013 was a great year for golfers looking for a new golf ball to better suit their game. Several new models were launched this year, with prices ranging from affordable to expensive. However, not every golf ball launched this year made the cut. Here's a list of the top golf balls from 2013 as reviewed by the experts at

TaylorMade Lethal

TaylorMade launched their first tour golf ball back in 2010. Earlier this year, they updated the design and shape of the ball and renamed it the Lethal. There is little doubt that the ball lives up to the name. The Lethal offers superb spin control and perhaps the best wind performance of any golf ball on the market today. The design of the ball is an interesting 322-dimple one. This also helps improves the distance and accuracy of shots. No matter how hard you swing at it, the ball will go long.

Callaway HEX Chrome

The HEX Chrome may well be the best urethane 3-piece ball produced by Callaway. The unique and most impressive feature of the HEX Chrome is the 100% surface area coverage of the dimples. Generally, golf balls have around 90% coverage. This improves the balls aerodynamics significantly allowing it to spin better. Moreover, the ball is incredibly durable and allows golfers to achieve the desired distance on their shots even with moderate swings.

Titleist Pro V1

The Pro V1 may very well be the most popular golf ball on the market. The 2013 version of the ball lived up to expectations, even surpassing them on some counts. The ball can help improve one's game significantly by providing a soft feel, consistent flight, outstanding spin control and excellent distance on shots. Add to this its amazing durability and you have yourself one of the best golf balls ever made.

Nike 20XI

If you are looking for speed and nothing else from a golf ball, the Nike 20XI is a great choice. The ball has been made using special proprietary resin core chemistry that helps improve the speed of shots considerably. The ball is lighter, enabling better control on shots and also getting it to travel longer distances. The Nike 20XI works equally well with short irons.

These are some of the best golf balls that hit the market in 2013. With the year due to end in a few weeks, golfers can look forward to the New Year and to more new golf balls launches. Among the most highly anticipated golf balls to be launched in the coming year are the Nike RZN line, the 2014 Tour C4 and the AD333 produced by Srixon.

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