The bricks in your house can really breathe with the help of Lloyd Industries!

Absence of air-conditioners in the olden days developed a lot of need for ventilation to be provided to houses.

24-10-2014 - There are incidences reported once in a while of a building collapsing or a multi-storey construction tumbling down from a huge height. It is not enough if only the soil underneath the construction is strong. On the other hand, if the construction develops a lot of moisture in-between the brick layers then, the building is sure to get weak. Development of moisture would surely cause enough damage and reduce the life of a building. When moisture is allowed to settle for long on the surface of walls, it would lead to a definite collapse.

Absence of air-conditioners in the olden days developed a lot of need for ventilation to be provided to houses. With the advent of technology, air-conditioned buildings have become tight enclosures and do not allow passage for air flow. Absence of ventilation in such buildings would only increase the amount of moisture and finally spoil the appearance. Lloyd Industries, with its 3 decades of experience, has come up with many different solutions for the safety of buildings. The company deals with the best building materials which include brick vents to control moisture secretion. The brick vent models of this company have the potential to eliminate moisture from walls and maintain the strength of the building envelope.

A house with good appearance tends to increase the property value. That being said, the brick vent models of Lloyd Industries such as Channel Brick Vent and Flanged brick vent, do not develop any unsightly appearance to the building or house. Owners develop a lot of concerns over brick vents that they might attract small insects from time to time. But the very surprising fact is that brick vents can be thoroughly treated to keep insects and small creatures away forever. Molds and spalls develop on the walls in the winter months due to the extreme absorption of moisture by the bricks, since they are very porous by nature. The appearance of the house gets spoiled due to that and the environment develops a pungent smell. Equally, spalls should not be allowed to develop. This will slowly weaken the inner layers of bricks apart from spoiling the appearance of walls. The only way to stop this is to install proper brick vents under the guidance of Lloyd Industries. gives an elaborate account of how brick vents should be maintained to keep wetness away.

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