The Fireplace Technician - Offering the Best Chimney Cleaning Services in Auckland

The Fireplace Technician from Auckland, now providing class leading chimney cleaning services.

- The Fireplace Technician from Auckland, now providing class leading chimney cleaning services.

The Fireplace Technician is one of the leading fireplace service providers in Auckland, NZ. They are in this business for more than 30 years with a staff of more than 50 years of experience. They offer chimney cleaning and fireplace repair services in Auckland. The chimney uses the pressure difference of the gases to create a light wind and attract air to hot coals or wood, which facilitates combustion. Chimneys warm the rooms and halls, but it leaves behind ashes and residue that requires cleaning, and for problems like this to get solved it is best to get it done by the professional cleaners.

Chimneys are responsible for creating and eliminating dozens of toxins, and other toxic fumes. Inspection of chimney is not only essential to keep the chimney in the working condition, but also to avoid accidents at home. Chimney cleaning should be done to improve the efficiency and performance of the chimney and it should be inspected once in every six months.

The Fireplace Technician is capable of providing the best solutions from installation to chimney cleaning services. They are known to set high standards in the fireplace industry; this means you can trust The Fireplace Technician for all the fireplace maintenance and repair services.

If anyone looking for chimney cleaning services in Auckland, then contact The Fireplace Technician, they are the leading chimney and fireplace cleaning service providers. Contact them at now for all the queries. For further inquiries, call at 0800 024 324, or mail the queries to

About The Company:
The Fireplace Technician is a leading fireplace maintenance and service provider in the greater South Auckland area with 30 years of working experience in Auckland and a total of 50 years of working experience in the industry. The Fireplace Technician deal in sale and installation of indoor and outdoor fireplaces and also offer professional chimney cleaning services. They also provide all types of solid fuel and gas heaters as well as provide professional chimney and flue cleaning, replacement flue systems, repairs, tiling, hearths, and fire surrounds.