Used Subaru 2.2 Engine Inventory Reduced in Price for Import Engine Buyers by U.S. Engines Dealer Online

Used Subaru 2.2 engine inventory is now reduced in online sale pricing for all import buyers of motors at the company. These EJ22 and EJ22E motors are listed for lower prices for U.S. orders.

January 01, 2014 -

The Subaru engine development in the 1980s introduced new horsepower for vehicles sold in the U.S. market. Engine replacements from this automaker are now for sale online at the Got Engines company. All used Subaru 2.2 engine inventory listed online is now reduced in list price for buyers of imported motors at

These EJ22 and EJ22E engines were first developed in 1989 and 1990 respectively for use in the Liberty, Legacy, Outback and Impreza vehicles. These imports were available in the U.S. auto market to introduce the upgraded SOHC designs. The arrival of these engines at the Got Engines company has helped create the established discounts now announced.

These imported motors are part of the recently modified inventory acquired for sale at the Got Engines company. Changes to the amount of suppliers used to locate vintage engines has helped to increase the inventory numbers of foreign engines now listed online for North American buyers.

"Our Subaru inventory has been enhanced in size this year apart from the 2.2 EJ series engines now listed for a better price online," said a source from the company.

The imported motors industry has increased in the North American market for secondary builds over the past 15 years. More imported vehicles purchased in the U.S. has increase the need to locate second hand replacements for used condition automobiles. The Got Engines company is one retailer that has benefited from expansions into foreign produced engines.

"All used imported motors that are currently marketed on the website are paired with the limited three-year warranties that we've created and adjusted for buyers in 2013," the source confirmed.

This new level of warranty coverage is applied to the 2.2 Subaru engines now for sale as well as motors found in the domestic division of the company inventory. Each engine price affixed to marketed engines online can be reviewed by buyers when quotes are requested using the instant locator tool established for online usage this year.


The company provides ways that any consumer can research different automotive services through its connected databases online. The engines that are distributed by this company are packaged with a three-year limited warranty program for each buyer. The website is a helpful resource online for locating prices for replacement motors and other details about automaker builds. This company continues to offer customer support via toll-free telephone number to engine buyers offline. The inventory displayed through the company research systems online is updated by company staff each day.

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