What Are The Features And Specifications Of EDM 700 Systems?

The EDM 700 System is also capable of displaying temperature in an analog format and digitally.

- Overview of the EDM 700 System

The Engine Data management 700 system is one of the accurate and advanced piston engine- monitoring devices in the market. The EDM 700 System uses latest microprocessor technology to monitor up to 24 critical parameters in any at a speed of four times per second in line with thermocouple having accuracy of more than 0.1 percent or of 2 F.

The EDM 700 System is capable of collecting data and displaying it in a more useful manner. It is used for monitoring voltages and temperatures, adjusting air/fuel mixture and diagnosing engine malfunctions.

The EDM 700 System is also capable of displaying temperature in an analog format and digitally. The EGT which is based on probes that are located adjacent to the exhaust outlet for the TIT probe and each cylinder. In case it is installed, it is located next to a turbo charger. It is not a must for the probes to be collocated with the main probes; hence EDM 700 System may not be at a point of indicating the same as that of aircraft primary instruments.

1.Features of the EDM 700 System

The essential and optional features of the EDM 700 System are as follows;-

Has a data retrieval software
Has Fast response probes
Ability to record and store data more than 20 hours.
It shows both leaned temperature at peak and below peak
Has a battery voltage having an alarm
Automatic scanning and hands-free (primary only)
Normalize view
24 standby programmable alarm limits
All programming is conducted from the front panel
Shock cooling is taken care of on every cylinder
EGTs is constant to 1 degrees Fahrenheit
DIF is low to high EGT and having an alarm
Post-flight data retrieval
Index rate is user selectable
It has a MAP
FAA that is necessary for primary Aircraft Flight Instruments
It has an RPM Sensor
Carburetor temperature
Oil temperature
Alarm of low fuel quantity
Fuel Flow Instruments
Outside temperature
Alarm of low fuel time
Single Engine Monitors

2.Technical specifications

oEGT Probe 5050 MM-111 of 2.0 0z, each/ 0.13lbs
oMAP and RPM of 1.5 oz., each/.09 lbs.
oCHT Probes 5050 of 1.5 oz., each/ 0.09 lbs.
oTSO C43b, Temperature Indicator, EGT-701 of 14.5 oz. / 0.9lbs
oWire P.N. WK,-24 Harness 8 ft. of 14.0 oz. each/ 0.9 lbs.
oFAA of DO-160C, TSO-C343B, DO-178B Level C and STC, SA 2586 NM
oDisplay Size of 2-1/4 in the panel mount, 7.5 deep and optional 3-1/8 display
oSerial Data recording
oPower connector
o6 probes or EGT 4
o6 probes or CHT 4
oShock cooling
oCHT/EGT Harness<

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