Why Smart Bosses Insist Their Employees Take Time off Over the Holidays

Sharon Meers and Joanna Strober, authors of Getting to 50/50 (Viva Editions 2013), make the case for working smarter, not longer and harder, in a Globe and Mail feature.

December 05, 2013 -

Sharon Meers and Joanna Strober, co-authors of Getting to 50/50, argue that allowing employees to take time off this holiday season makes sense from a business perspective as well as a personal one. An excerpt from Meers and Strober's guidebook is featured on the Globe and Mail, and makes the case that "if you do your job, and you do it well, you will still get ahead even if you dont get to the office at dawn and stay until your wastebasket is emptied." To the authors of Getting to 50/50, efficiency should be the goal of every workplace, and that can be better accomplished with fewer hours. With the holidays just on the horizon, there's no reason why employees can't take some extra time off, or leave a bit earlier than 5pm this holiday season. In fact, argue Meers and Sharon, the smart bosses will insist upon it.

What people are saying about Getting to 50/50:

"Don't believe the myths about women and work-this advice will benefit you now and in the future."Sheryl Sandberg, author of Lean In and COO of Facebook

"In light of the ongoing debate over how and if working mothers can have it all, the authors say women can have successful careers and be good moms, but only if their spouses are equal partners in the work at home."Washington Post

Getting to 50/50: How Working Parents Can Have It All (available in audio)

Sharon Meers and Joanna Strober are two working moms who believe that everyone wins when men are full parents and women have full careers. The key is tapping into your best resource and most powerful ally: your spouse. Here are real-world solutions for parents who want to get ahead in their careers and still get to their childrens soccer games; strategies for working mothers facing gender bias in the workplace; advice to fathers new to the home front; and tips for finding 50/50 solutions to deal with issues of money, time and much more.

Sharon Meers leads strategy at Magento, the global ecommerce platform of eBay, and was formerly a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs. She is the coauthor of Getting To 50/50: How Working Parents Can Have It All.

Joanna Strober is Managing Director of a fund investing in private partnerships at Sterling Stamos, an investment firm in Silicon Valley and the founder of the "working stiffs" mom's group. As one of the few females in private equity in Silicon Valley, Strober has been featured in the front page of the Wall Street Journal for launching several well known companies.

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